Brides questioning How much do you charge,wanting an answer right away?

Hi everyone., Angie with All~n~1 again here with another topic.,


in Three occasion i had and email and a phone call, and in person of brides asking me how much do you charge for your services. 


How do i go about this without sounding rude and pushie on wanting to do a consultation., to see what i have to offer them. Besides planning i also offer other service but it seams that when they see event planning that they might feel if i talk to them it going to cost and how much. 


I like to set up and appointment offer them my service, find out what they need or in need of if some of there planning has taken in to place., with out sounding that i am being pushie because that only sends them away. I try to tell it is hard for me to give you a price, bucause idont know exactly what you are in need of or style., i would like to set up an appoinment and go over your details of a your dream wedding is.


Bride: I will call you., can't you just tell me how much.?


Any suggestions.


Thank you Angie  

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Make it more of a conversation...With the emailers, call them back instead of email them.  Perhaps be willing to make a "pre-consultation" out of the phone call, a way for you to screen them before you need to know everything about them.  Ask about their engagement story, their ideal wedding style, basic budget, what they think their planning needs are--make it about them from the get-go.  From there, just let them see your excitement (or send them along if you don't see your biz being a good fit for them), and let them know if you can or cannot operate within that budget.  It is your business, and it is up to you to educate your client on how you operate.  Frankly, if they don't like how you operate they aren't your client; if you sign with them you may find yourself making concessions the whole road to their wedding day, and they still may not tell their friends to go to you.


It sounds to me like you are aware that you're not just in a "price game," and you're worrying about the potential client who wants to play that game.  I want to encourage you to not be afraid of "being pushy" about how your business works, and I want to encourage you to be confident in having those consultations.  (Honestly, if they don't want a consultation now; how do they expect things to work when they've agreed to use your services?)  Often times, wedding businesses that have consultations (and not just price wars) have smoother relationships with their clients, better repeat/referred business, and less stress over difficult clients.  (I have read many accounts of potential clients who referred their friends to a business they did not use because at the end of the consultation, the business said, "I don't think we're the right fit for each other."  This is something a bride and business couldn't say if there was a booking only for price tag.)  Having the respect for your business and your time ends up equaling respect for their time, and these anecdotes prove that.   Be confident in what you do, and be confident enough to say, "This is how I do things, and this is how it better serves you."

Thank you very much for answering this question. I'm a new event planner based out of KY and I've had this problem as well.
Thank you! You have been a big help and encouragement!
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