I just read a post that caught my attention.  Vendors are now putting a "bridezilla clause" into their contracts and charging the bride for rude / obnoxious behaviour.  What do you all think of that?


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What sort of fees are being charged? Are deposited being held?

All my deposits are non refundable which I state clearly in my contracts  and I am now charging $85.00 per hour plus mileage for all planning needs on top of the flat rate initial charge.


Many vendors do that - however I don't know how many actually say "bridezilla clause" most of the vendors I know have a "PITA" clause in their contracts;

What's a PITA clause?


Pain In The Ass

Boy, wouldn't we all love to do that? The whole reason brides turn to bitch is due to stress. That's 100% of it. I never take it personally. And thank goodness, it doesn't come along very often.

A bit of advice: Make SURE that WHATEVER it is you are doing for the bride is absolutely PERFECT. Before you leave your house, pull your checklist out (and make one if you do not have one), and go over it 10 times. Do not forget anything.

Keep detailed notes of every phone call you've had w/ this client making notes of little things she's thinking about or wants to add to your services.  Add all these items to your CHECKLIST.  Call her the week of the wedding and go over EVERY SINGLE THING on you CHECKLIST.  It's called covering your A_ _ (CYA)!!!

There should be no reason for her to grow horns around you on her wedding day! If she is running around squealing, offer her a lollipop!!

How do they charge for rude/obnoxious behavior??? What determines the price? I'm not sure about that one, but I'm sure that other vendors have experienced a lot more than I have when dealing with brides!

I attended a Destination Wedding specifically for resorts in Mexico; and one of the speakers at the conference said she has a PITA clause in her contract; which I think is reimbursed if the bride behaves herself; she was not the only one several planners in the audience claimed to also have the clause in their contracts. I believe there is an extra 20% added to the price.

Does anyone what to SHARE a sample of the clause?




I don't have one yet but seriously considering the idea, but here's what I have found


Company name reserves the right to cancel your agreement at any time for any reason (including the day of the event,) and retain a reasonable fee and all expenses, if it is due to clients’ and/or client representative's behavior, actions or inactions. Aggressive, abusive, rude and/or obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated towards any Company name staff, vendors or subcontractors."



This is interesting  and I would also add that the client would be responsible for 50% of the agreed contract price for time and expenses. This is part of what I have on all of my contracts



This is a very interesting concept.  However, I do wonder how about the fee structure.


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