I just read a post that caught my attention.  Vendors are now putting a "bridezilla clause" into their contracts and charging the bride for rude / obnoxious behaviour.  What do you all think of that?


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Guess I am lucky to not have to deal with a "bridezilla" which I am thankful for, I would make it clearly known at the first sign of a bad attitude from a bride to let her know that I will not be treated with any disrespect and that she should value my input.

 If it continues then I void the contract and she loses her deposits which are non refundable and kindly tell her that she should look for other vendors.


On my about page it consists of "A Bride's Interview with Greatest of Days".  One section reads, "Who is not going to benefit from your help for their wedding?"  Without being rude, it gets down to the point of how they treat people in general.  Here's the link to that page.  This is was an idea I got from a program with Natalie Bradley of http://brideattraction.com/.

I also (at a consultation) inform the bride and groom that if there is an unruly guest, that they give me the name and contact information and point out to me on the wedding day or rehearsal, one of the guests that they trust who could calmly take care of a situation.  I get the bride and groom's permission to bring in security or if need be, call the police to handle any situation that was getting out of hand.  I find that my clients take comfort in this being addressed.  All it took was feeling threatened once to make me realize I needed to have something in my contract to nip it in the bud.  I haven't had any problems since.

I always counted on the "service charge" being the PITA fee.

This could be good or bad. Who draws the line? Who decides if a snappy remark due to stress is worth fining and claiming "bridezilla." On the other hand, it helps Vendors protect themselves and sets a standard of how they expect/should be treated.


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