Help! I'm torn. I'm creating a brochure for my business and I wonder if it's better to list my service fee's in the brochure and on my website or leave it for consultation. What does everyone think?



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When I first started I did not list, but then I started participating in webinars hosted by Natalie Bradley and she claims it's best to post.
That's interesting that Natalie Bradley told you that you should list pricing. I went to a seminar with her back in July and she said NOT to list pricing! I do anyway as I find I get more clients that way.
I attended a Natalie Bradley seminar also back in January and she said not to post pricing either.  I have a hard time with that concept for the reasons listed below - wasted time fielding calls just wanting to know rates.  I think I'm going to go to a "starting at" price post.
Yes putting starting at will qualify those who contact you. Nothing worse than doing a consultation and the couple can't afford you.
She is right. Some companies don't won't to post prices for competitive reasons. But I say, "If you can't compete, maybe you shouldn't be in that business".
If you list fees, it's better to have an insert, otherwise, if fees change, the brochures must be replaced...lots of unnecessary expenses! I do a CD catelog which has style #s and prices on it....and clients can order it from my website for my cost to do and ship. It's easy to change...adding new items or changing prices.
This is a great idea! It would still need to be updated as prices change though. Do you put a date on the CD?
As for the website, which can be changed easier when prices change, I think it depends on the service and the variables that affect the fees. As an officiant I find that it is very helpful for potential clients to have my fees there, no surprises for them; also saves me time dealing with people who find I charge more than they want to pay.
I agree, Pastor Terry ! This way people will know up front whether the prices are within their budget range. No suprises and time wasted.

Nina Robinson,CEP
Maximum Events & Designs,LLC
I agree. I briefly took my prices off of my website and found myself fielding a lot of calls and emails that only wanted to know the price, I also found out that people who began contact by asking for prices are less likely to book with me. So I know list "starting prices" and it seems to be working out better for everyone.
Right on target, Connie, as a celebrant/officiant.  Listing prices leads to more "qualified leads" from my celebrant and Intimate Package website and saves time calling people repeatedly before I get them and much of what they want to know is cost first.  Caveat: some marketing folks believe getting any contact is good because you can connect, establish initial relationship where your "personality" and/or "unique" services may make the sale.

I would never agree to listing prices on your site. It's a competitive industry and you'll always have low end hustlers going very cheap. If you have a great product and you sell well you will attract serious buyers. The downside of listing your price is that it makes it visible to the competition and there are many low end hustlers who will continue to draw in the not so informed client.

Fielding bad leads and answering clients who are not serious in booking or hiring you is part of the business. It's small price to pay as compared to listing your price.

Again I say if you have a great product and you sell well you will attract serious buyers

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