Help! I'm torn. I'm creating a brochure for my business and I wonder if it's better to list my service fee's in the brochure and on my website or leave it for consultation. What does everyone think?



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Personally I like to list our pricing so that a couple knows just exactly what we charge for our services and venue rental. That way there are no surprises and we only attract the couples who are truly interested saving everyone valuable time.

Carrell - InnCredible Events
I think, due to the nature of the "service" industry, one must put a value behind their services before giving pricing information. For example, as a coordinator, one may offer $500 services another might offer $1000 services. Depending on the situation, cheaper is not always better and too often, you "get what you pay for". Until a bride sees the value behind the service, it's ultimately worth nothing.

Saying this as I'm currently going through my own debate. To list or not to list? The above reason is the conclusion I've come to. I've listed prices, starting points, packages and now I just services I can provide and offer a free consult. When they email me for a free consult, I send them a questionnaire to fill out and get back to me. This helps me to qualify them and make sure they are sincerely interested in and can afford my services. Then, when we meet, I know where they are looking for help and it helps me to better elaborate on the value of service I can provide them.

Hope that helps!
Of course, that is different when selling a product and not a service. Companies that sell a product and do not list pricing (or at least price points) rarely get my business if I can find it elsewhere. Possibly sad, but true.
hello there,

thanks i do like your idea, can you help me constructing the said questionnaire i am new in this field.
Hi Danielle,

As a weddingplanner I too have this conflict so I started to list my prices onmy sites. But the idea of a questioniare sounds good to me to. Can you mail me at info@curacao-elegantweddings with a sample of your questionaire?

Thank you very much!

I completely agree and love your idea of sending out a questionnaire. I'm going to start working on that right now!

Thanks, Carrell -

It was actually suggested to me by my boyfriend who is in sales. I used to ask all the questions, but in more of a conversational way and I didn't get all the answers. This way, it's quick, clear and easy to answer for the brides. And again, I'm more prepared for the consult.

:) Danielle I said, I am working on mine now!!!!

I have different pricing depending on the amount ordered. My wedding orders are 30% off retail with certain minimums, so if someone requests my pricelist, I just send it to them. At some point, I plan to do a brochure, but I will attach the current pricelist separately so I can still use the brochure. I do not post my volume wedding and wholesale prices on my website.
As a venue, we choose not to list our fees. We're very upfront about our fees when clients contact us, but we also like to have the ability to discount on a case-by-case basis for off-peak dates or small groups. A reception for 75 in January is much easier and cheaper to host than a reception for 350 in May, and our fees reflect that.
So...What not explain that on your website along with base prices?
I have a pricing calculator on my website so that my clients can see the services I offer, and my prices--no surprises. I also publish in a brochure an approximate pricing guide based on round numbers to clients an estimate.

Because my service is an extra (addressing invitations), I want clients to know up front what I charge so they can decide whether to budget my service into their total wedding budget. I still get many calls from clients asking about pricing. I often offer a discount over the phone, and I am able to sell them on my services when I talk to them and let them know all the advantages and benefits of using my service. This way I develop a personal rapport with my clients.


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