With the economy taking a nose dive the trend has been for a lot of brides to scale back on spending and mainly coordinate and plan their weddings themselves. Wedding Planners do charge a fee for their services but some brides don't see the benefits. Wedding Planners are a tremendous help in working out a budget, day of wedding coordination and helping brides realize their wedding day dreams. Any thoughts on this?

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Hi, I think wedding planners are very useful. Wedding planner can save brides and grooms' time, stress. They are all professional, I think your wedding party will be very great!
Hi, I am certain that wedding planners are indispensable, however, I would love to meet but I don't know where to find them so that I can show them my line of couture wedding favors. Do you know of one I might be able to contact? let me know if you do.....I thank you in advance.

Hi Carmen, Bridal tweet is a great place to promote your wok and find wedding planners. Why dont you try to look for wedding planners in your area from the internet?
I agree with Peggy. As a mother of two brides, a planner is worth the investment. There are too many decisions and details that need attention and can distract from relaxing and enjoying the beauty and joy of the events surrounding the ceremony. I do think, however, that planners need to be realistic in what real families can and can not afford and be extremely good listeners. Our daughter's coordinator did an amazing job except with the bouquets, and I am afraid that because she worked in the same business with the florist, she listened to the wrong person. Just remember who pays the tab.
I agree with the "Green Hanger", planners (and all wedding vendors) should be listening to the client.

I prefer a planner with nuts and bolts savvy to one with color and style savvy. Only a few have both.

When it comes down to it, the person with the organizational skills and knowledge of the industry can put it all together and make for a smooth wedding day. If he or she is not the best on design, they can always get advice from the appropriate vendor and present those options to the bride and then help her to make the final decision.

As an experienced Wedding Host/DJ (as well as an event planner myself), I have never had a planner ask me for my opinion on anything but I have always made the effort to ask the planner her opinion. I mostly work directly with the B&G on music, scripts, slide shows, lighting, up lighting, etc. I then clear everything with the planner and other vendors in advance and again as the wedding day unfolds.
Wedding planners can actually help brides and grooms save time and money in the long run. A good wedding planner will sit with the couple to find out their needs and their budget. Through long standing associations with recognized vendors, they will be able to negotiate the best prices for the bride and groom. Also, the bride and groom can be assured that their special day will go off smoothly without drama.
Interesting question. I had and I still have this question.
How useful is the wedding planner it is very well known to all of us, who are dealing with this subject. But n future brides is it? I believe ( from my 4 years experience in this business) the choice of a wedding planner is usually done by working women, who have a career and can understand very well how important it is to have a professional near you.

The women who involved in the household for example, do not feel it is necessary to hire a wedding planner, because they have the time for more research, because they believe they can do many things themselves in order to reduce their budget and perhaps they have their own personal reasons. This type of women who undertake the planning alone they realize how useful it would be if they had hire a wedding planner, only when the wedding has finished, when it is too late to change anything.

And there is the problem for me. Is she going to admit to their friends that planning a wedding it was really difficult, that she was wrong to plan everything byherself? that she did not succeed to save money? that she had to spend many hours? etc. because if she actually admit that it is certain that her friend will hire a wedding planner for her wedding regardless of whether there is an economic crisis or not.
I know many wedding planners who have hired wedding planners when they themselves got married despite the fact they had the contacts and experience to plan the entire event themselves. If I ever get married I am definitely going to hire a wedding planner. I think that is a huge indicator about how useful a wedding planner can be.
Wedding Planners are useful sometimes. It really depends on the Bride to be.

Is she super busy at her job?
Details and follow up are not a strong point!
She's more interested in pursuring other activities.
Has money to spend on this type of service.

I equate this service similar to using an Interior Designer, Personal Secretary, Real Estate Broker.

Bride to be is very organized.
Bride to be is artistic, creative and knows what she wants.
Bride has a good caterer who does help with the planning and follow up.
Bride to be wants to use money saved on this towards a another wedding expense.

Why not have a as needed Event Planner?
Some brides really need planners. Even planning a simple wedding is too much for certain brides and a planner allows them to relax, leading up to their day.

But what brides need are GOOD wedding planners who think on their feet and who are excellent coaches and managers of creative people. I've seen many planners fold on their duties on wedding day, creating all sorts of odd communication foul ups. Vendors will turn, look to each other and shrug ... thinking "maybe this would've been smoother without any planner at all."

It's an extremely hard job, being both a good planner and a day-of event coach.
Of course - I think they are very useful!
There have so many things to get managed on this special day and it's always the best to put this task into professional hands.
I'm as a videographer have seen a lot of weddings - with and without wedding-planner. And I noticed that couples who have decided to have a wedding-planner are usually a lot more relaxed and they can enjoy their wedding much more.
Another advantage is that good wedding planners always recommend very selected wedding vendors. They have the expierience that they know they are reliable and will do a great job. A bride has never a second chance to do have a better choice next time!

Nicely said however, I feel, this thread would better serve our clients if it were more specific about why some planners can be more helpful than others. And, perhaps, why some won’t be so helpful.

For example, when you say "wedding planners always recommend very selected wedding vendors", I would caution a B&G to understand why the planner makes those selected recommendations.

The best planners will go out of their way to find those vendors that are reliable and provide the B&G exactly what they are looking for in a at a fair price. Unfortunately some planners have a selected group of vendors that, for a variety of reasons, they network with exclusively.

Some find it easier and less time consuming to go with the same vendors they have been working with for years. This does not allow the Client as much choice or possibilities to create a wedding day that is personal and unique.

Others receive a referral fee from their selected vendors. A practice that, while not universally accepted in this industry, is common nonetheless.

B&G’s should understand exactly how their planner selects and works with each vendor and in some cases, they should take the time to interview some of those vendors themselves before giving the planner the ok.

Perhaps someone should start a new thread, “What you should know before you hire a wedding planner.”


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