Hello Wedding Vendors, Planners and Brides to be.

I'm frequently asked to submit a proposal by email with limited information. I'm old school and believe that it is very important to meet the couple. So much is gained from a one on one meeting.

I get passed the non meeting and try to talk on the phone but only get voice mail and never a return back call.

I get passed the no return of call and email a list of personality questions to try and establish some clues about this faceless couple is, nothing intrusive.

I know now that this is because of a younger generation who grew up on instant information from the internet?

Any suggestions would be helpful.
Thanks in advance.
Annette Aaron - Owner/Creative Director
Annette Aaron Eventfulls

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I have had the same trouble in the past and you are correct, they are internet users, but I think we all are now and we want to see the price berfore anything else. I had to decide on placing my pricing on my website and I am glad I did. Less hassle from brides and parents wanting to try and talk me out of my price.
I think every option works differenty for each vendor and it is a matter of trying what works best for your business.


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