Hi All,
Tis the season for engagements.... I was just remembering back to my own engagment (which happened before I became a professional wedding planner) and was curious to hear others stories on how they became engaged. Was it a true surprise? Expected? Romantic, Spur of the moment? Please share!

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Here's mine:
It was almost the end of my senior year in college. The night before I had a tiny little emotional outburst because I had found out my roomate from freshman year had gotten engaged, and they had been dating less than we had...
Well, my boyfriend said, "Its been a stressful week, you're done with your internship tomorrow, lets go out." So that was the plan, little had I known he had been planning to ask ANYWAY before my outburst...
We ended up going out to a local pub where he pulled out the ring and said "You know that I do want to marry you right?" and then he proceeded to tell me how he had planned to ask and felt so bad that he couldn't tell me when I was so upset the other day, but he didn't want to ruin the surprise.
There aren't many engagements that happen there at the little pub/eatery, so as I was admiring my ring against the little centerpiece candle, our waitress noticed and said "I'm sorry to interrupt, but did you just get engaged??! Of course I beamed and answered yes, so she brought over a congratulatory bottle of champagne which we took with us to celebrate with later :)
Not too long after I was on the phone with my friends and family to share the news.
I found out later that apparently it didn't go quite as smooth as he'd hoped, that day I got home from work early and he got out of work late, so he wasn't able to call my dad as he'd wanted to to ask for their blessing and he had to hide the ring in his pocket so I wouldn't see it as he walked in. It ended up a great night anyway!
We had been dating for over a year and had been talking about marriage. He had shown me a picture of the ring and I knew that he had it. But somehow it seemed months and nothing was happening. My best friend had been in Spain for two months, and she came home early. So I made plans to go and hang out with her. We were going to go to our favorite beach, and hang out that day. So I asked my now husband if he wanted to go and he said he didn't think he could make it but he would try. He lived an hour away and said he was probably going to be working. So we go to beach, and there are about 100 stairs down to the beach. I noticed that all the way down there were daisies down the stairs. I thought it was so cute but didn't think it was for me. And for a second I thought how cute it would be if somehow Teiler was waiting for me down there. But he wasn't. So we go to the side part of the beach that is our spot and then suddenly he was there in front of me. I was sure he was going to propose but then he pulled out a box and was laughing and said I wasn't going to like it. It was a box I already knew he had. I had gotten him a singing card as a joke for our dating anniversary, so when I opened the box it sang at me but there was no ring. I was pretty upset, but laughed. Later though, I told him how mean it was.

So we went back to my friends house and were gonna go eat. The whole night went by and we came back to the house. My friend was still jet lagged and I could tell she was tired so I suggested we watch a movie. But she said, she wanted to play cards and was unusually edgy about doing what she wanted. So she got out the decks. Well one of the decks I was shuffling, I decided to check to see if the cards were all there, and she yelled at me. So I thought she was just cranky and being mean. So Teiler dealt out the cards and said he wanted to play 21. I was in the middle of protesting at how much I don't like that card game when I looked at my cards. There on the Queen of Hearts was Candis will you marry me? and he got down on one knee and asked. Definitely worth the wait.

Come to find out, he was going to propose at the beach but had forgotten the ring in the car. Then he was working with my best friend to come up with something else and she came up with the card idea. But the only way they could pull it off was to take the card and him to write on it, so when I was going to check the cards, I would have known one was missing. So funny and fun little engagement story. Haha.

Happy to tell you we were married in August and are having fun as newlyweds together.

Hey Everyone,

What a great forum to share our engagement stories and wedding experiences. I got engaged two month ago to my boyfriend of 2 years. It wasn't surprised, because we had discussed engagement for a while. My boyfriend did however go above and beyond to make sure the proposal was super romantic and exactly what I wanted. He got down on one knee and proposed with a beautiful James Allen ring that I had picked out. (He actually had me chose my favorite from a few options a month before he proposed). The ring I chose is even more beautiful on my finger than on the site.

Obviously  I said YES and we have been planning our wedding ever since. Well, it's probably more accurate to say I have been planning our wedding! We still haven't decided whether we are going to get a wedding planner involved, or just keep doing it ourselves. Either way, were so excited and can't wait for the big day!

That's our story. Peace and Love:-)


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