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So my fiance and I are getting married February 26th of this coming year. We are stuck for centerpieces! We do not want to do flowers because we are on a budget. However, our reception is themed, "Our Day of Fun" (long story). To keep it brief, basically, each table will be a different "Day of Fun" of ours such as Christmas, Halloween, our first apartment, our first home, the day we got our dog... etc. We want our centerpieces to have pictures from each of those days of fun, but I do not know what to do with them!


I have searched for picture based wedding centerpieces, and have found nothing that has caught my eye. I need something with a little bit of height, as the reception room is very big, and there will be around 20 round tables holding about 10 guests each.


Any ideas? Suggestions? Comments?

Any help would be great. Thanks!!!



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I think I might have an ideal for you, how about you use your pictures to make cubes of building blocks. So you can buy some blocks of styrofoam, it is light and inexpensive. you can get it online at Hobby Lobby or if you have a craft store or a Hobby Lobby near by you can purchase it in the store. ( )

You can cut it into little, medium or large size building blocks, which ever you perfer, and either glue or if you want to preserve your pictures tape with double sided tape, a different picture to each side of the cube. Your cubes could have all the same picture on all sides and each table just have a repeat of the same picture or you can mix the pictures up for each table and cube. Once all the stryofoam cubes are covered with a picture on each side, you can stack them into numbers for each table, so table 1 would have the cubes stacked as the number one etc...

a really cheap place to print your pictures is if you are not already a member when you sign up they give you 50 pictures of 1 cents I think you can get 50 pictures for 50 cents and they always send deals on buying pictures online....

just a thought. I hope I am able to help.
I went to a beautiful January wedding with high centerpieces that were branches with crystals hanging down from them. They were tasteful and inexpensive and perfect for the season! Hope this helps!
you can get manzanita branches at a decent price in the US (unlike up here in Canada) — pick up some branches, and you can hang photos off of them. put the photos in small frames that you may be able to pick up from the dollar store along with accessories relating to your "day of fun" (i.e. Christmas ornaments, mini pumpkins for halloween, dog tags for the day you got your dog); pick up some inexpensive tall glass vases, fill them with pebbles or fish tank gravel....

sounds like a lot of work, but manzanita is awesome and it's what the pros use for those "tree" centrepieces.

have fun planning your wedding!
Thanks for the ideas so far! I really like the cube idea and stacking them into the table numbers... That is super creative. And I love the thought of the big tall trees with our pictures hanging along with accessories! I have to run these past my fiance and see what he thinks too.

Thanks so very much!

Congrats to you both!! Take a look at this site. Use something like this to hang your pictures

Hi There! We create bespoke laser cut stationery and decorations for wedding and events. We could create something for you with all the themes for your day, drop us an e mail and we can chat if you want to see...we specialise in creating illustrations from couple's photos to create one laser cut graphic incorporating their lives together so it could be good!

See the latest blog we were on, it explains it well

Just a thought, have fun planning your day.
Cassidi, I might do a simple winter branch centerpiece, and insert photo pics (like in this daisy pic below) into the vase, or if you can get a good bulk deal on white or ivory pillar candles from a craft store (aka massive Michael's coupon!), you could wrap the photos around the candles.

Simple photo pics

branch centerpiece

This is vaguely the idea, it involves copying your pics onto vellum so the light of the candle will illuminate them beautifully

This is something else you could do with photoshop and vellum, it would really not be that hard once you created a template for the size of a glass cylinder vase, and it would look lovely! Fill with a tealight or a battery LED if your venue doesn't like candles. HTH!
I think you have a very nice idea! I've searched around some and found some place card holders that are 4.5 -5 inches high. Not sure if that is tall enough, but maybe they could be placed on top of a faux gift box or something like that. I'm including the links so you can take a look. Hope this helps!

Best Wishes!


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