Flattering dress styles for my body type - (never seems to be listed)

At 5'3 and 115lbs, I am considered skinny and short. The bigger problem is my chest. It's gi-normous and I am EXTREMELY concerned about dresses that make me look vulgar. Showing cleavage is fine for the clubs, but def not on my wedding day. So how do I find styles that will both suit me and not give everyone a clear shot of my goods who stands 2 inches taller than me. I think a great deal of styles will either make me look shorter (and thus stumpier with my chest), make my chest look even bigger, or will show too much cleavage (all very different things.) Help!

(P.S. not a big fan of the few sleeveless dresses I have seen.)
(P.S.S. Please don't say how anything will look good on me because if I hear that one more time I will scream. While it's intended as a nicety, it really does not help me with my problem at all.)

Thank you!!!!

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Hello, We have the bra minimizer for you sweetie that you can wear on your wedding day and afterward..

you can go to my website @ ardysslife.com/renayg and also you need to give me a call so that i can get you the right size so that you can be oh so flattering.. The angel Bra is awesome and i have women who are DD who love it. Alot of people mean well but our products are especially made to minimize and up-lift. give me a call, i am looking forward to helping.


Nikole Genous


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