Trends in 2009 and looking into next year are all about bold colours that take your wedding up a notch. Colours combinations that are sometimes not what come first to mind. Check out some of these sample pallette boards for ideas on how to pull complimentary and bold colour choices into your big day! Make your day unique!

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Hi Victoria,
I know exactly how you feel. I'm super thrilled that bride's are stepping out and making their day as unique as possible. It helps me to get the creative brain ticking again...This is the primary reason I chose to open my own business...super tired of the rat race, and looking forward to working with bride's who want to walk a bit on the wild side!
I agree with budget bride! I feel amazed and so satisfied when one of my brides to be chooses a colour just because it's her prefered colour and not becuase it's in a mag! and yes you are right one reason of doing this job is to be sorrounded every day by these wonderful colours stepping out of the normal flat grey life I've lived before :-D
I love the insp boards on your site! I actually just started a contest on mine for brides (really anyone) to submit their "ultimate dream wedding!!!" Wanna submit one?
Gorgeous boards!


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