Bridezilla is actually a new term for me.  I am a weight loss coach and I realize that one of the great "side effects" of the plan that I use is that people not only lose weight, but they are also calmer, more clear-thinking, and don't have the energy and mood swings that can drive them and other people crazy.  I'm thinking --why wouldn't this would be true of brides on the program?  Of course they want to look good and fit into their wedding gowns, but I'd like to hear more and understand what a bride might need in a weight loss plan so I can customize my current program.  Wouldn't it be nice for vendors to have calmer brides?

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Scary! Sounds like I should throw in a massage or two into my program!

AS an Officiant I have had my share!    I have taken  more of these difficult women in my earliest days.  As I  was getting established .  NOW, with the good  luck of  word of mouth and being a diplomate and a seasoned professional . I do not have to take them . And I do not ! Experience has taught me well .They are just ! --not worth the money ! --that I earn from their BRIDEZILLA wedding .  I can now spot these warning signs of their behaviours in the first few interactions calls or emails ,. Great !  Then I am simply,  no longer avaialable , and I do not book with them . On a in -demand Sat for example , There are so many Nice and  lovely , caring delightful brides , "out there in the Universe ."

I must  have "faith ," "confidence ", which I  believe in , that they , [the nice ones ,} are in fact looking for me too ! And I for them . If I have lowered my standards about taking on the "Bridezilla"  . Then I have cut myself off from a great and positive other,  potential  couple .  Who may show up within days , and so often ! DO !  

OTHER comments please from other Officiants out there ?THANKS ! -- SARAH BUNNETT- GIBSON OFFICIANT TORONTO .


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