I have watched on several bridal TV shows, read blogs, pertaining to coordinators pulling in favors from other vendors for last minute changes due to some unseen circumstances! I want to know how do you as a coordinator obtain these favors? Are these vendors you work with exclusively,and how do you collect favors from vendors? Any advice on how too go about that?

Thank You In Advance,
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By Mickey Long

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It all has to do with relationships that you build with vendors. It might be that you use them a lot or exclusively. Or that you refer business to them even if someone doesn't hire you. Or that you've worked with them on committees for professional associations and you've become more than vendor and planner you've become friends.

Sometimes, especially in the case of the TV shows, they're getting incredibly valuable exposure.

Sometimes it's just that when your back is up against the wall and you yell "help," if people like you and respect you, they'll help you out.

I get calls often from other planners or vendors, sometimes its people that I don't even know, but we belong to the same association and they need a lead, or a tip or a favor.

It's kind of like "pay it forward." You help someone out and someday someone helps you out. It might not be the same person that you helped but it comes back to you.

Does that answer your question?

Phyllis Cambria
Miami Wedding Planning Examiner
Hi Phyllis,
Thank you so much for your valuable information!!
I guess this is why building relationships with all types of vendors is important. Sometimes
you just need the others perspectives and words of wisdom to see out side the box.

Thanks again for the feed back
Best Regards,
Mickey Long
Weddings & Social Events.
Glad you found my input helpful. That's why we all belong to this forum. To share where we can and to act as sounding boards for each other. :)

Phyllis Cambria
Miami Wedding Planning Examiner
Partner up with a group of vendors - people you recommend all the time. Be very sincere, and make them your best friends. Invite them over and cook them dinner. Periodically, just invite them for coffee and spend an hour talking to them - getting to know them better. Talk them up in your blog. Recommend them to many clients. Call them periodically to see how there doing?

In a nice way, invite yourself over to their house and bring wine and cheese.


Once you work with them, endorse them on facebook, linked in...whatever.

They will remember you for all time.
We work with a wedding planner. She hasn't really called in many favors but we work closely with her even with our prices. There is little we wouldn't do for her for a favor though. We hold a great relationship with her. We trust her and know that she would never do anything that was not for both our interests. She is super helpful with us too. A give and take relationship. So I would definitely have to agree that the relationship you build with your vendors is super important.


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