How important is the symbolism of your jewelry on that BIG day?

Everyone has different reasons for wearing the jewelry pieces on that momentous big day! What thoughts go into your selection process?

Is it to honor / remember someone, a deep symbolic meaning, or even just to match!

I think there would be MANY individual and personal reasons! What are yours...

- Victoria
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I was going to make my own jewelry (b/c that's what I do) so that it could be exactly what I wanted. However, my mom wound up surprising me with her old sapphire wedding ring revamped in the form of a necklace. I was going for matching but I found out that symbolism was much better!
Wow. That necklace must have been beautiful. Do you have a picture?!
Here's a contraband photo. We don't technically have our wedding photos yet... so I totally 'screen print'ed it. Ha! It's just a huge teardrop sapphire with diamonds all the way around.
Beautiful jewelery pieces ladies ,here is mine, it was made by OakGem.

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