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I have a question for wedding planners and other wedding vendors that travel at least 30miles outside your service area.  How much extra do you charge for travel and maybe  hotel accomodation??

I provide  group on-site child care solutions during wedding and corporate events and I havebeen getting a lot of calls outside my city. I would also like to expand my services to other cities in my State, but would not want to run a loss after every event.( if I do not charge additional fees for travel/hotel).

My questions are:

1. Do I just charge a higher fee for my service to clients 30 miles outside  my zipcode??


2. Charge my usual fee, but charge a separate fee for travel and hotel accomodations??


I would love to hear from lots of vendors that provide destination weddings or weddings outside your service area. Thanks a lot!!!




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Definitely charge a separate travel fee plus hotel accomodation if needed. Figure out a mileage charge- the IRS mileage rate for 2011 is $.51 per mile.
I charge my usual fee and a separate fee for travel
Imagine That Studios Wedding Photographers Cardiff offer free travel costs anywhere in the UK. However if you require them for 2 or more day you will have to provide local accommodation, usually a B&.

Hi, I'm a wedding planner in Italy and when I provide music or photographers, or other kind of services they used to do this.


A flat fee for the service and i.e 0.40 €/0.50 € per Km.


About accommodation if the trip is more then 1h30min they ask for accommodation. Of course not for a 5 star hotel.


Thank you

Fabrizio Mengasini


It sometimes makes sense to have the couple provide you with accommodation because they often are doing the same for friends and family. This is a good option if they are getting a group discount for renting out a block of rooms in a decent hotel. I usually ask for accommodation for two nights if it will take me 4 hours or more to get there. This way I avoid any exhausting travel on the wedding day when I will be working all day (as the photographer).

I'm still struggling to figure out what to charge for traveling though.

I think the IRS has moved it up to $.55 a mile now + tolls.


I'd charge whatever fess I'd need to pay to be comfortable.  Plus a per diem for meals.


I would list these fees seperate on the invoice though.


What a cute service you have!!!!  I wish I had this when I got married.

I haven't had to do this a lot, but I charge my regular fee plus mileage and accommodation fees.

I normally charge my normal fee and add the travel expenses to it. Of course it has to be communicated to the client prior to working with them, preferably during the first meeting or phone conversation. 

I know a lot of planners increase the fee for their services but unless you spend time in researching the new area and new vendors there I think it is only fair to charge for your travel accommodations. 

I normally include the hotel the flight and if other special expenses related to the travel. 

Hope this helps

Greetings from Buffalo ... I charge time and materials plus travel costs ... mileage is .55 per mile and if there is a hotel stay  or airline travel involved then the client pays for those up front.  Typically if you pay for anything you should always add at least 10% to the cost that you pass on to the client.  This will cover any cc fees that you might incur.


One thing that you need to consider is adding additional insurance if you are carting babysitters or employees around.  NEVER assume that you will be covered by your current insurance - have a meeting with your insurance agent.


Good luck!

I just had to figure this out myself! i figure out how many tanks of gas it's going to cost me.. so I say 1 tank is $50 and then how many nights of accomodations I need. I also give them to option that if they are already getting a block room rate at a hotel, that I can stay at that same hotel for that block room rate. Since I'm a wedding planner and have to stay for all hours of the wedding + clean-up, if the wedding ends past 4 pm, I ask for accomodations for the night of the wedding because chances are I'll be there until midnight or past just cleaning up!

Hi, Im a hairstylist/makeup artist in the NY area.  I charge travel fee that is out of at least 25mile radius of my city.  Anything further than 25miles then I charge a FLAT RATE travel fee of 25.00 -30.00  which is also part of the gas in your car,  If there are any tolls involved I add that in. I also add in if there is a hotel fee as well parking etc.  everything gets added in the end.  That is when you present the grand total to the client.

I wouldn't charge .51 cents per mile or .40cents per mile etc.. It's not a cab service that you are offering.  Plus you wouldn't make much if you charged per mile.  Example: if you went 15miles out of the 30 mile radius of your home times by 55 cents that is only 8.25 you will make. Which is actually nothing.


That is my suggestion.  I hope this helps.

at the first 20 miles are free then there is a sliding scale beyond that


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