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I have a question for wedding planners and other wedding vendors that travel at least 30miles outside your service area.  How much extra do you charge for travel and maybe  hotel accomodation??

I provide  group on-site child care solutions during wedding and corporate events and I havebeen getting a lot of calls outside my city. I would also like to expand my services to other cities in my State, but would not want to run a loss after every event.( if I do not charge additional fees for travel/hotel).

My questions are:

1. Do I just charge a higher fee for my service to clients 30 miles outside  my zipcode??


2. Charge my usual fee, but charge a separate fee for travel and hotel accomodations??


I would love to hear from lots of vendors that provide destination weddings or weddings outside your service area. Thanks a lot!!!




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I've seen a number of vendors offering free travel on as I've been looking for vendors for my own wedding, and I've wondered how they afford it. Maybe there is just a higher fee overall for further weddings not categorized as "travel"? I'm tempted to investigate though.

It depends upon the expenses you spent in the business.I agree with the users opinion and take the wright decision by discussing with the well wisher.If any body needs help to plan a wedding,they may use the wedding app and ease your wedding tension.

As both a DJ/Entertainer and Officiant/Minister  I charge my usual package price and then if I am having to travel more than 30 miles then I do charge an extra travel charge and yes I do charge .51 cents per mile and then also have the client pay for any over night lodging if I have to stay the night someplace.

 I like it when I can provide both the DJ and minister services all in the same place as it is totally fun for me doing it.



For me I charge gas plus a couple hundred dollars for my time. I figure ill lose a working day traveling by car so I make up for it that way. I live in lake tahoe, being a destination for weddings i dont always travel, but i do go to san francisco and the napa area occasionally. When doing wedding photography in sacramento, i dont charge as its only an hour away. As far as flights and staying in hotels, i just charge that plus my flat daily rate. Everyone is different. i dont try to make a lot just enough to make it worth leaving my local area.


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By all means these costs need to be present separately in your quote. That would give your client a chance to better understand pros and cons of a given location. I'm a wedding planner in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where out itineraries include remote venues (like islands that require boat travels, sometimes accommodation and meal expenses for me and my crew, etc...). For any larger events there are considerable costs for bringing the whole team on remote sites: photographer, florists, assistants, caterers, so by putting the costs separately in a clear way gives my couples a chance to re-think their target venue being aware that staying closer would help in cutting the costs.


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