How to go green but still make your wedding organized and classy

Going "Green" has turned itself from a fad to now a lifestyle. Look around on the streets and see how many Hybrids there are. When checking out at the grocery stores, it is now frowned upon when you do not bring in your own bags. Every day more and more people are going green and trying to find ways to bring that into their weddings. But how? Below we have listed different ways to "go green" for your wedding, yet still have a classy and unique event.

1. Eliminate the water glass from the guest table.
How many people really do drink the water on the table? 15 - 25% ? So why provide a water glass for 70% of your guests to not use. One water glass has to be washed, polished, stored, delivered, filled with water and ice, and brought back to the location it came from. Wow, what a waste of water, energy and gas! Skip all of the waste and provide bottled water behind the bar.

2. Use white cotton linens.
White cotton linens do not have to be dry cleaned, while satin, damask, taffeta or other materials need to. White cotton linens can be washed in a washing machine with regular soap and no harmful chemicals, just like your clothes that you have in your closet.

3. Go with a more simple buffet.
Big buffets with lots of options are great, but if you are trying to save the earth, providing less options on the buffet will eliminate wasted food, Sternos and water used for the chafing dishes. Like out mothers always said, "Your eyes are bigger than your stomach." And it's true. Guests tend to load up their plates with more than they can eat and so half of that food goes into the trash. When you offer at the buffet a salad, a starch, veggies and one or two proteins, everyone is well fed and less food goes into the trash.

4. Serve chicken or turkey.
Who does not like a good bird? Chicken, and its cousin the turkey, are the 2 most popular meats in the world. Not only that, they are also environmentally friendly too. Chickens require a lot less energy and food to raise than beef or pork and emit less toxins in the air.

5. Do not use plastics or paper goods.
Both plastics and paper goods go straight to the trash after being used and that pollutes our landfills. So when you are trying to save some money on your event, stick with the china that the caterer is already bringing.

Not only will these tips and tricks help save the earth, they will help save you money too. At Event Professionals, we offer packages to cater for your Green Wedding. Give us a call or send us an email with all of your questions and how we can help you out.

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Great tips.
Also, another great way to help out is to donate the buffet food that is left over. You are eliminating waste and helping your community.
Useful article. Some other tips can be found here:
Great article!

We are also supporting and promoting the green movement. We offer save the date videos and thank you videos to give your guests a one of a kind glimpse of your personality and love...all while saving the trees...
Another thing you could do is buy a bridal gown from a Bridal Consignment store. They have new and once worn bridal gowns.

Creative Elegance Weddings
'Go Green With Your Wedding Gown'

Buying a once worn gown is a great way to be eco-conscious on your wedding day while saying money at the same time! At The Green Gown Wedding Boutique we specialize in selling once worn wedding gowns to frugal/eco-friendly brides in the Greater Toronto Area.

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