To all Wedding professionals,
What do you wish your brides knew BEFORE they came to you for your services?????

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To be able to price the flowers apple to apples.Don;t just go by price you need to know what you are actually getting for the price size etc.

Susan Hill

Sedona Floral & Gifts



I would love for brides to know a coordinator is not a "luxury" item when planning your event. We are a valuable resource for any bride or groom. We have endless resources, and lots of experience with family and vendor situations. Utilize our knowledge and experience and you will be surprised how much more exciting your wedding plans become!

Sharon Holm

sharon a coordinator IS a luxury.  Everything about a wedding is a luxury everything. The sooner you learn that the better off you will be

I wish brides knew how stressed out I was before EVERY wedding and how hard it is to smile all day long and act like nothing is wrong when in fact your day is falling apart...somehow though we always pull through in the end despite total disasters throughout the day :) 'like' us on facebook! 

I wish brides and grooms knew that a professional planner is there to save them not only time, but money as well.  For some reason planners have a rep of being thieves in the night.

I think that all of us who are Wedding Planners should band together to come up with ways to change the stigma of being an extravagance.  I read somewhere that a bride spends the equivalent to 7.5 40-hour work weeks to plan a wedding!  With a planner, who knows how many weddings we could plan in that amount of time!!  We also have to get rid of the "made for TV" stereotype as well.

So, you guys are all professionals?

I wish couples had the knowledge to be able to tell a real professional string group from a semi professional group! With every quote I send out I attached a document I have compiled giving information on what to look for when you are booking string musicians. Whether they book with us or not I need to give them this information so they can make an informed choice!

Many semi professional musicians have FAB websites and look like they are professional - it is SO wrong!!

Bridesss! Let Uberoom help you decorate a bridal suite on your special night! Relax and let Uberoom handle your beautiful bridal suite decorations. Save money by setting it up yourself or have our service set-up your suite at any Hotel, Bed & Breakfast, or Vacation Rental. Enjoy your incredible wedding evening and then retire for your special night of romance.

I wish that Brides knew the time and hardwork that someone pours into every HandMade Wedding Accessory, especially if they request for something to be tailored to their specifications. A Bride who is looking into getting accessories customized must appreciate anything handmade in the first place, to understand the tedious research on the product being customized, the difficulty or accessibility in gathering materials and the time spent (usually hours) in making the vision come to life. Oh, not to mention the communication between the handmade vendor and the Bride! The vendor must know how to ask questions and get the Bride to visualize because most Brides don't even have a clue what they want, but they start with their Wedding Colors. This has been a challenging task as a Bridal Garter/Hair Accessories designer but it's exciting! I love taking the Bride's input and magically materializing her ideas! It makes the Bride feel important to know that she was a part of the creation process. Now hopefully they understand sticker-shock prices for handmade, remember, this is NOT a mass-produced item. It was made with a 110% love and perspiration.

You can use your website to teach them all of these things through your blog and FAQ page.

Maybe to know their venue at least, which they can find on :)


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