Can anyone help me I often see insurance for Couples for

their big day Do you know of any for planners that wont break the

bank? Help!!


Happy weddings


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I actually just got mine this week do you want the name and number of the guy I went to he was great and very affordable! I checked out like 4 people he beat everyone!

I have my insurance through ABC www.bridalassn.com

Thanks Caren,

Is monthly,yearly or per event?

Also the pictures of the bridal gowns I really liked the colors, Do you see brides trending more

towards colored wedding gowns


Happy weddings all


ABC charges yearly - yes that seems to be the new trend - many of the couples I have met with so far are already living together so I think they feel funny wearing an all white dress

Thanks so much!!!have a great weekend!!

happy weddings


Most insurance companies in your local area will have policies for event planners which will give you a coverage amount

 of up to or over 2 Million dollars and most will cost roughly 50 to 125 a month but there are also some that will do it for a year so you just have to shop around to find out who has the best rates and the best coverage.



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