So I'm preparing my brochure for a bridal show in January, and I want to include a comparison chart comparing my prices and what they include to my competitors... But I want to identify specific competitors because I always end up with clients that come to me from the same 2 or 3 companies. 

My question is, if I'm taking info directly from their sites and not changing *anything*, is it crossing the line? Am I allowed to do this or no? Has anyone else done this and had a negative response?

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While I like the idea that you know so much about your competition, I don't care for the idea of publishing it in marketing materials. Stay true to what you do, and show your prospective clients that you believe you offer them the most professional service and truly believe that your product is better than others. I feel that once you publish the competitors pricing comparisons, you lower your image and standards of operation....IMO.

Once you start the price game, no one wins and you will have a harder time growing your business.
It might not be illegal, but it sure is bad form....basing your unique selling proposition on price alone is alway a little dicey; it also looks petty.
I agree with the other professionals. Highlight what makes your company special and how this specialness can enhance their wedding day experience.
I personally would steer clear of it - not because of any ethical or legal considerations, but it's just not how I would choose to market myself.

Talk UP YOUR strengths, services, etc... don't talk DOWN anyone else's. Don;t engage in mudslinging.

One approach you may want to consider is using that info you get on their site and be creative with it and instead of pasting text, create a side-by-side " comparison chart."

You know, your company vs A and B showing what you include or offer that they don't, etc.


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