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I have never used one, I'm not sure how to describe it but I saw on on tv this weekend and was wondering if anyone knows where to find them? They have mirrors on the inside and holds candles, or other decorations, and its very pretty because you get alot of relfection of whatevers is inside and (Hope this makes sense) they were somehow see-thru, because you could see all the candles. Not a very good description, but if anyone knows what I'm talking about, please let me know.


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Hi, Julie,
Check out Favors Direct to find this product at :
Hi there, thank you for that link, its not the one I was looking for but I do like it. A few of these on a table would give a nice effect.

thanks again!!
You are welcome. Hope you find what you are looking for. Connie
Hello are these what you are looking for?

Hi there!
I can not seem to find a picture but I just saw it on "whose wedding is it anyway" on the style channel. It's a mirror box that they call "the million candle box" and it seems to be a never ending reflection. I was curious about them and showed it to my dad who owns a sign shop and he has a few ideas to make them. Unfortunately I can't find them on the net anywhere!
Hi Kate, thanks for the reply. I saw it on TLC Wedded Perfect (I think thats the name) and your description is right. I think it has plexiglass around it, and the walls were high because the venue didnt allow open flames and they used tapers. Well your dad may be able to make some money on these!! There are lots of people looking for them. I will keep looking too, and if I find it , I will definately post it.
I know exactly what you are talking about as I saw the same show on TV as you did. After I saw the mirror boxes I immediately started looking for them for purchase as well. Unfortunately, I couldn't locate them either. I could only find acrylic ones. I'll look a little more and locate what I found previously and come back and post it here for you. Check out my website and see if I have anything you need. It's
I kept researching and came up with the following for you: go to and type in "infinity candles", you'll find something similar to them. That's the best I can do. Otherwise, I suggest talking with a glass shop that deals in mirrors. I'm sure they can help make something. I definitely believe that the one's used on the show must have been custom made, just my guess.

Hope this helps. If you need anything else for your wedding, I have a website. It is I hope you'll visit it. Thanks and congrats on getting married!
thanks for the info, I looked at the infinity candles and they are nice too. I agree that the one on the show must have been custom made. I appreciate your searching for me. I have visited your site and will definately recommend you to my brides! Thanx again,

Hi Everyone,

Just a thought, but could you use transparent, reflective tissue box cubes? OR tissue box covers with removable lids?

Here's an example of what I was thinking: (Rectangle)

There are also transparent/colored acrylic boxes at container store in purple and turquoise that are pretty:

Hope this helps get some leads.

Good luck :)

Here's some more links for examples, It looked like the rectangle tissue box link was broken:

Hope these ones work :)

good ideas! that probably would work, I like the storage containers, and these are from the container store??


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