I'm wondering why in wedding industry in italy there is no collaboration at all among the vendors.(execept some white flies) .I know it's hard to be helpfull with a collegue because job is job and we all have to work but in those situations where is completely impossible to help a couple maybe because the location is really too far away or for other serious reasons...would it be more logic to be supported by another vendor who is able to help you?
for example if a couple asks me for a wedding in california which is not at the moment among my usual destinations, it's for sure a good idea to look for a collegue there to help me in planning everything ...and :-D for sure the favour would be turned back wouldn't it?
what do you think? :-)

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I believe that we first and foremost need to promote our business and do what's right for our business. Sometimes that means that both our businesses and our clients are best served by working together. I also think that this is an industry unlike many others, where you clearly do have to partner with others within the industry - a planner must work with the stationer, the photographer, the dj, the baker, the caterer, the florist and others still...all of these must work with the planner and sometimes one another. It would make for a terrible wedding experience to hear of ill will and business jealousies, if the photographer and videographer were trying to undermine one another all the time, right?

I have to say that some of the vendors I've interacted with in Canada are clearly on point with this kind of practice as a way of doing business...Sad to hear that it's not the same elsewhere.
For my part, the only wedding vendors I know are those have actually been past customers, and returned for help with graphic design and printing needs. I would like to get to know other wedding vendors and network a bit though, and hope to collaborate with other wedding vendors in the future.
I agree - yes, it is important for us wedding and special events vendors to collaborate - to help each other and to support each other. We all have particular strengths and areas of expertise, and the more we can offer to bridal couples the more we are showing them we are a one-stop shop. If you are approached by someone to do a job, but the job is not in your geographical area and you do not want to travel to that location for the job - then, it would behoove you to have colleagues in that area whom you could trust to provide professional services. That also helps to promote your reputation which further creates visibility of your particular services.


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