What are the 3 most expensive costs when planning a wedding?

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1.) Reception due to alcoholic beverages and select catering menus
2.) Photography/Videography packages
3.) Flowers
Attendants, The more attendants you add to the bridal party the more your cost goes up. You have to supply them with flowers, gifts, bridal luncheon's and sometimes you might have to help them with cost of dress and shoes etc. The other expensive items are the cost of food and beverage, Buffets are usually less expensive because it cuts down on your service cost. The beverage cost of the event can get expensive also. Alot of brides are having a signature cocktail such as a specialty martini . Then you can serve beer and wine.
Hopefully this information helped!
Susan Leohner
I would agree with Heart & Soul Events > Reception site, Photography/Videography, and Flowers/Decor are the highest costs.
Reception site is a harder cost to bring down due to the catering and drink (as Heart & Soul mentioned). It is such a major part of your day and you want to make sure you are giving a good quality product to your guests.

To keep costs down in other areas such as decor and floral, we've seen a lot of DIY projects popping up. Decor and floral is still a big part of your day, so couples are making sure that the money they do spend on it is used as wisely or creatively as possible.
A great tip for saving on floral: use flowers that are in season and if possible, are local.
Reception site payments
1. Drinks
2. Food
3. Venue
4. Dress
5. Flowers
6. Music
7. Photography
Yep, Heart and Soul hit the nail on the head. I just got married last June and I spent the most on the venue, followed by the photographer. Someone bought the flowers for us, but I know they were a bundle. We also had a nice rehearsal dinner that was a few thousand dollars.
Based on my experience, the 3 most expensive wedding costs were the ones involving the wedding reception, photography/videography and the honeymoon.

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