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Hello! If you're on LinkedIn also, we'd love to share a connection with you there as well!

This would be another great way to stay in communication with each other, so be sure to Accept invites coming from anyone within the BridalTweet Network!

Post your LinkedIn links here, and let's connect!

To reach me, send a connection request to:

- Victoria

P.S. The members of Women of Art and Fashion would LOVE to connect with you too at:

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I couldent get your link to work here is mine

or, invite me to connect using my e-mail address,

Judi Brown
Getting Personal Imprinting LLC
Hi Victoria; This is a good idea. I will send a connection request shortly.
hi everyone,

nice to "meet" you. my address is
btw, there are some great related groups there too. I've learned about alot of them looking at the one's
new connections belong too;)


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