My local stores can't order the wedding dress of my dreams in time (without charging hefty fees.) The dress is the only dress I have tried on that was flattering and that I loved. And I have tried on many. Truth be told, I saw it on a mannequin and had to try it on. It looked even more gorgeous on than I had hoped for. The dress was a little out of my price range, but by various means I finally figured out how I could swing it. (but definitely can't swing rush charges.)

Thus I put an ad on one of the wedding sites to find my dress hoping another bride my size may want to sell hers. Today I got a response from someone who has the dress, but it a seller on ebay (of wedding dresses.) How do I insure that the dress is authentic? What questions should I ask? What recourse do I have if I see it's a fake after purchasing it?

The dress is a Sottero & Midgley JSM1103 Champagne color. It's one size smaller than I had requested (it's a size 2), but with the built in corset that the Sottero gowns have, I understand that you have room between sizes. I tried it on in the store as a size 6, and it was a tad too big.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Hi from the Elegant Bride salon in Tacoma.
The rush charge from Sottero & Midgley is $50.00. Some stores may double the charge and therefore charge 100.00 We do not add to the 50.00 fee. What is the other store charging? The rush from them is advancing the shipping date by 2 weeks, and I believe their standard shipping is in March. When is your wedding?
Usually it is best to get it the right size or one bigger than needed as it is easier to take in, then let out as the thread holes may show.
The measurements for a 4 are B 33.5 W 25.5 H 36.
I hope this helps.
Kind regards
the Elegant Bride salon
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You will pay in alterations what the rush fee will be and not get a new dress so where is the savings????
My two cents: Ordering ANY clothing over the internet is a risk! Remember that most Bridal alterations start around $300., and it's because Bridal sewing is beyond the capabilities of the average seamstress. Gown alterations are complicated.
Sounds like you should order a 4, but it still may not fit you 100% and may need some work.

The Rush Fees from a shop are because the Manufacturer has to scramble and make your dress and ship it faster too!

Make sure you are NOT ordering from one of those 'Custom' overseas ebay sellers! While the picture looks good and the price is hard to pass up, those gowns are never what you think they will be! I had to completely remake one that was so badly made it was put together with clear plastic thread and fabric so plastic it cannot be ironed.
Make sure your ebay seller is selling Sample or 2nd hand gowns to insure that it's authentic.

Wedding Bee has a page where girls are reselling their own gowns, so check that out first. Someone may have the very gown you're looking for but is selling it because she never used it.
Thanks! I've looked at all the used sites for the dress. Closest I could find was a size 8 which would have been way too big and not altered well due to the lace detail.

My mom used to do bridal alterations for a wedding shop when I was a little girl, so I'm covered there. :-)

I'll start my exercise program now JIC. :-)
Congratulations on finding the perfect gown!

First I would recommend you talk to the salon where you tried the dress on and see if they would waive the rush fee. They've already invested time and therefore money attempting to find the perfect gown for you and therefore might be willing to waive the fee if they know they'll lose your business. Try to work something out with them first.

Regarding purchasing dresses online -- as a high-end consignment and resale e-Boutique ( we sell dresses online every day -- and are invested in making sure that our brides are absolutely thrilled with the dress they purchased from us. Our business is dependent on it. We guarantee our gowns are authentic -- or your money back. If the ebay seller is a business, I would ask if they have an authenticity guarantee and how they ensure gowns are authentic. Also, I would make sure that you have the option of returning it if it is much too small and/or you don't feel the quality is the same as the one you tried on in the store.

Best of luck to you.

Julie Jones
BTW: I love your site! Had originally looked at it for a dress, but it was out of my price range. You have some beautiful items though!
I guess I wasn't exactly clear - I can't afford the dress at the regular price - period. When I said "I could swing it" I was referring to the dress that the ebay seller had. And even with a rush delivery time, I won't get the dress in time if I bought it from a regular bridal dealer. Besides I have heard from several other brides that Sottero gowns often run late in delivery. My wedding is in March - I'd rather get this dress and it not work and then find a used one (which was what I was doing originally,) then be waiting to the last minute, hoping it comes on time and rushing with alterations.

I have actually gone ahead and ordered the dress. It is from a bridal dealer in FL and I spoke on the phone with the lady and have verified her info through other sources. They have a 7 day return policy where I just have to pay for shipping. She has a 100% rating on eBay and the dress was one from her store. I can get the dress for 1/2 price from her since it can be difficult to sell a size 2 you already have in stock.

BTW: just as an FYI, 1 salon wanted to charge me 1300.00 + 200 rush charge for the dress and the other salon would have charged me 1200 + 100. (And I still wouldn't have got it on time - so moot point.) I've paid $600 which was hard enough for me to swing, but I've gotten some help.

I'll update everyone on the fit, authenticity, etc. when it comes in. Which will be in just a couple weeks (factoring the holiday ship time.) If it doesn't work out, I'll send it back and keep looking on the used sites. If there is a problem with transaction, I can dispute on my credit card.

Thanks for all of your advice!
Yes, keep us updatd! I'm curious to know how this will all turn out. I hope it turns out well. Congrats on finding a dress you love. :)
To all that were wondering: the end result turned out great. The dress is a little too small in the bust area BUT THANK GOODNESS - because it is a corset dress it is an incredibly easy fix. The back panel that goes behind the lacing is put in over an inch on both sides. It is easily moveable to gain an additional 1 - 1.5 inches. That's plenty. My mother (who used to be a seamstress in a bridal salon many years ago) said it would be super easy. The only other alterations I will need is length and bustle.
The dress is authentic and perfect. I love it and would not have been able to get the dress of my dreams had I gone the traditional bridal salon route. I would have had to settle for something much less that I wouldn't have been as happy about. Dress arrived in around 3 weeks and other than some pressing - it is wonderful. I couldn't be happier. Yay!

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