I'm trying to find a new company for online proofing. I'm wondering which ones offer the best features, and how happy you are with their services.

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Hi Julie!

I use zenfolio.com and love it, they offer a great trial period so you can see if their services fit your needs. Here is my referral code in the event you do want to purchase, which will give you $5 off the final price: 4RC-5H5-TND.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks so much,

Hi Samantha,

Thanks for the info. They do look as if they have quite a bit to offer. My only concern with them & other companies I have come across, is that you are able to right click on an image and save it. It defeats the purpose of putting up images to sell! Have you had any issues with this?


Our photographer uses Collages.net. You can't right click and save the images on this site.

From a bride's perspective I really like it compared to some of the other online proofing sites I've seen. It's easy to use and easy to share the gallery with friends.
Thanks! I really appreciate the bride's point of view! They are, after all the ones who will be using the galleries. I will check out Collages.net.
for viewing and showing clients I use smug mug pro, have also used pictage but prefer smugmug for viewing at least.
Zenfolio for me!


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