Hi ladies!  I'm considering changing into a different dress for the reception portion, mainly because my wedding dress is pretty bulky and somewhat uncomfortable (Tight!).  Not surprising to say, I won't be able to dance much in it either. I've narrowed my search down to four wonderful dresses and I need some serious help making the final decision. Let me know what you think!!! Or if you have any suggestions Im all ears!! Thanks

Dress #1

Dress #2

Dress #3

Dress #4

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Dress #1
I like Dress #3 - It looks comfy, still pretty with all the lace and you could more than likely wear it again (not to a wedding of course, but another somewhat fancy summer event).  :)
You will amazing in what ever dress you pick, how about adding an extra touch of sparkle on your special day with a custom swarovski crystallized headband! www.icedbyvrcrystal.com Perfect for the wedding reception too!
Sorry, I left out Look!
I love Dress #2!  It's so romantic and fun for a reception!
I think dress #1 would work best for what you want, although I do love dress #2!

Its got to be number two.


Its more Bridal than cocktail and although the boiddice is fitted it has a zip. I think it would look lovely and slightly

Retro with this  retro this from   http://www.tantrumsandtiaras.org/giselle-1251-p.asp               





I'd go with #2 - I LOVE the sweetheart neckline and its fun and flirty - definitely seems more "wedding-like" than the others.    :)
I love dress #2..so flirty an feminine....#3 is nice but too casual, ...I would go with dress #2..but the choice is yours!!
Okay I would love to give my opinion however I have one question for the bride. Have you tried any of these dresses on yet?  These dresses are diverse cuts and styles. They are all beautiful choices.....which one looks best to compliment your figure?
Dawn is right.  Have you tried any of these dresses on?  If not I think you are just spinning your wheels and going to end up with something you will not like...........if timing is an essense, and price...quit thinking about it, and stay with your wedding dress.  It's not necessary to change into another dress.
It maybe too late now, but I think you should have giving better thought to this when you purchased your wedding dress and settled for a lighter-weight less bulking dress.


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