I am wondering if anyone has any insight to the idea of providing coordinators, planners, or other vendors some type of compensation for bringing brides to them.  I have mixed feelings about it but I know it goes on and that there is business I miss out on because these vendors steer their brides in other directions.  Any feedback would be appreciated!

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I wrote about kickbacks on my blog and have seen it on other blogs under the heading "Dirty Little Wedding Secrets." Savvy brides seem to think or know that preferred vendors are nothing but paid advertisers specifically when it comes to venues.  I will endorse other vendors who I think are worth it, but will NOT put a preferred vendor on any of my sites. One reason especially is that if that referred vendor does not perform as expected it looks terrible on us as well. I certainly will not get paid nor accept payment for referrals. So far it has worked just fine and has been more appreciated when others find out we don't accept kickbacks then those that do.  It is just something that rubs me the wrong way, and I feel it's just not the way to be completely reputable in the industry. It doesn't matter how open minded you are about this subject, there are just as many specifically brides that think it isn't above board and consider it actually shady.  


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