We were curious to see what are your thoughts on the Slide shows at the weddings. When do you think is the best time to show them...during the cocktail hour, during dinner, or just have it play throughout the entire reception?

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We will set up a slideshow on a laptop with maybe 15-20 images from the bridal shoot, engagement, & ceremony. Usually in a medium to high traffic area (like the bar). No announcement as we do not want to distract from the bride & grooms day. We leave cards & the last slide directs people watching to the cards with web address to buy prints.
The wedding was amazing,If the slide show at wedding . Love the colors and all the pics. Everyone looked like they had a blast.I have seen in one of my friends wedding.It was very nice to see.I will insist every couples to follow that. Congrats to couples.If anybody need help to know about wedding resources,can use the wedding planner iPad app and get it.
throughout the entire reception
There are many ways to create a photo slide show.Many software are available in online, Pick the wright one and download it.Download and install Photo DVD Burner Professional. Launch it. Click the Organize Photos tab in Photo DVD Burner to create one or more albums, select wedding photos from a folder in your computer hard drive and add them to the album.The instruction and guidelines to follow that. Using that create an slide shows of your wedding.If you need help,then you can use the wedding planner iPhone app and use it.
the best timing might be the beginning of the dinner
Personal opinion -- during dinner.  People aren't "forced" to watch it, but they can still see it and focus all their attention to it if they'd like.  We did a wedding once where the mother of the groom sat there and advanced each slide herself and commentated the slideshow and it just put a horrible vibe in the room and everyone just wanted to get back to dancing.  Some people want to see all the pictures, others don't.  Another option too is on a personal computer/ipad beside the guestbook.

The times  I have done a slideshow has typically been done either during or right after dinner which is usually a good time to show it. I actually put together the slideshow myself or in partnership with my photographer so we give them the best quality slideshow possible.



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