First Glance is when Bride and Groom decide to see each other before ceremony at an intimate place so they can do pictures with photographers. I am a big fan of this from my experience as a photographer. I would like to here from brides and other photographers on what is their take? I did not a blog post on pros and cons.

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We've done several first look sessions recently. For the couples that want to get most photos done before the ceremony, they help so much. Plus the uniqueness of them is incredible. In case you'd like too see some, they are in the following blog posts:

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I agree. As a recent bride who did my pictures before hand, this helps. You want to remember his look in your dress on that special day. Ours didn't quite turn out the way we wanted, but not that it has become more popular to see the bride before the wedding there are lots of amazing ideas for how to do this right. And it really adds to the memories of the special moment. But as a photo/video company, just make sure it is done right.
I love doing a First Glance, or "reveal" as I call it. OK, so it's not traditional but there are benefits. Primarily in getting great photos. As Feuza points out, we find a visually interesting area to do this. We get great photos of the bride coming up behind the groom, good shots of the bride "teasing" the groom (who still hasn't seen her) and great shots of when he turns and sees his bride; all neat photos you won't get the traditional way.
After an intimate moment we can then spend the time to get all of the couple photos we want. And this is the other big benefit, time. Especially if cocktail hour starts right after the ceremony, we won't be rushing to do the couple photos and the newly weds will get to mingle and enjoy the hour that they're paying for.
Most of my brides and grooms wanted the ol' traditional way, of not seeing each other until the ceremony takes place, which is fine with me, I think i have only had one "first glance" wedding and it turned out amazing!
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The majority of our 2009 brides + grooms DID do a first meeting, and each one was just so wonderful. As photographers we are always so excited to hear that our couples are interested in this private meeting before the ceremony. Not only does it give them that memorable moment of the bride sneaking up on her groom and seeing the emotions flowing through him as he turns around to see his beautiful wife-to-be, it also allows us to take many more portraits of them earlier in the day. At the same time, there are couples who still prefer to not see each other until she's walking down the aisle, and of course we fully respect that! Every wedding day is so unique that we are always able to work around the b+g's preferences on the first meeting topic. From our perspective, however, it's such a great addition to the wedding day experience!!
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well said, I am a big fan of this because I think it works best for both parties, I am originally from Brazil and do not see this trend catching on anytime soon due to cultural believes, superstition etc. but I am trying to educate my brides and put the option out there as much as possible,
At first I didn't want to do a first glance because I wanted to get that look from him as I walked down the aisle. But now I am so happy that we did do a first look because it made me feel so good to see him without everyone was just me and him and our photographer. And when I walked down the aisle I didnt see him until I got very close...I was actually looking around at all our guests! It was so meaningful and helped calm me down before the big walk! :)
I love doing first looks! It allows the b&g to have that special moment with just the two of them, and in my opinion it's an even more amazing moment than when they see each other at the aisle. The emotion of that moment is so overwhelming- it's something they'll remember forever. I really do wish every one of my couples would do the first look! As far as other reasons- hair and makeup are fresh, you can get the rest of the portraits out of the way before the wedding so that way after the wedding the b&g can get right to the reception, and it also allows for more photography time for couples who value that.


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