All of us have had to deal with the price-shopping bride a lot more than we really care to, especially considering the present economic situation. I'm wondering what questions brides really should be asking to keep from putting us on the defensive and instead truly make us their teammates in seeking to provide them with the best possible value for what each of them can afford. In other words, "What top 3 questions should a bride ask vendors of your particular specialty in order to get the best value for her money?"

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Price shopping can be very frustrating but it is usually indicative of something other than what it seems. As vendors, it think we need to work harder not to jump to conclusions about the potential customer until we have made an effort to really understand the bride. Usually when brides ask about price, it's because they don't know what else to ask...they understand price, they live price every day. We, on the other hand, are experts and live in the wedding industry every day...we understand value. So, as much as we would like our customers to come in with an accurate perception of the value we offer and then be comfortable with our prices, that usually doesn't happen. It is up to us to educate them on why we are better at what we do and are worthy of the price we charge. Price isnthe last thing I talkmabout on the phone or at a consultation. I build up the vision of what it is we will do for them, how we will serve them, how impressed their guests will be, how they won't have anything to worry about, etc...then I talk about price.

I don't know that there are specific questions I would like a bride to ask, well except for maybe "who do I write the check out to?". N catering, I always say it important that brides taste the food, check references, and make sure their caterer has the appropriate licenses, permits, and insurance...any questions about these woul be good.


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