I am just wondering if any of you use Craigslist to promote your wedding business?  If you do, what is the best category to list under?  Is there a way to promote throughout the US?

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Hi Amy,

Here are some other websites you may want to look into:


Also in terms of Craigslist, I have used Craigslist for my business. It has generated leads but never clients. I think Craigslist works for photographers, florists, etc. I don't think it works as well for wedding planners. Another option that helps is blogs. Try to get your product or service featured on a blog. This allows you to reach a number of different brides who may not frequent wedding websites. Try so of these blogs.

Snippet & Ink
Brooklyn Bride
The Bride's Cafe
The Budget Brides Handbook (my blog of course)
Style Me Pretty
Always a Blogsmaid

There's so many more. Hope this helps.
Thanks ! I appreciate the info....
I would not recommend CL to promote your business, CL is good for other things, not promoting
The Wedding Project
Do you really get good wedding client's from Craig's List. I personally get a negative vibe. Anytime I've advetised for Chef's or to Rent out my Catering Kitchen - I get alot of responses ALL WRONG.
As a Boston Wedding Photographer I will often publish my wedding photography ads in the boston craigslist under the services section, for both event and creative sections, and seem to do just fine with those listings. Many people say not to post anything there, but I list there and get great results! In fact, I always ask how someone found me, and I figure that one out of every three people I book came from craigslist and not once have I had a problem getting business that way, nor have I had an issue with anyone in general from there. The other reason its good to list on craigslist is because that website has a high page rank in google and other search engines, and often times you will google something, like MA Wedding Photographers and rather than my website showing up, sometimes my google ad will show up on the first page or two of google.... so this means someone doesnt even have to be on craigslist searching for a wedding photographer, but yet they will still find me on there while just running a google search... see what I mean?

Good Luck!

Phillip Brunelle
Massachusetts Wedding Photographer
MA Wedding Photographers
My husband and I have been shooting wedding photography for only a few years now, and when we started out, I used craigslist to advertise in the beginning, and majority of our weddings in our first year was from brides on craigslist, so Im not complaining : )

Natural Images Photography
I've used craigslist and it has brought me quite a bit of business. So far it's been nothing but good. I do get the spam emails with links now and then which I do find annoying.
Thanks for the response. Good to know there is still some positive feedback from the site.
I have used CRAIGSLIST to advertise my wedding and social occasion boutique, but in all reality I received a lot of SPAM and responses from those looking for your services at rock bottom prices. I have received much better response for business on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. Visit our website at www.collezionefortuna.com.
Thanks for your input. The SPAM issue has really gotten bad on there lately. I have advertised some on there and it wasn't always that way. They don't really have a wedding section, which I thought was too bad. However, if it isn't a good way to get business than I guess that really doesn't matter.
I will say spam is increasing on other avenues not just craigslist. I am in the process of adding capcha on my contact form on my site to battle.

Curtis Wallis

Wedding Photography Ohio
Curtis, This isn't a bad idea. I may have to do it too. Good luck! Cathy


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