I am just wondering if any of you use Craigslist to promote your wedding business?  If you do, what is the best category to list under?  Is there a way to promote throughout the US?

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That's a good idea!
I've never used CL to adverstise, but when doing wedding searches I have seen ads posted on CL pop up on the first page of searches. So, in my opinion, it can be worth it for many. If you present yourself like a professional, people will understand and know what to expect. Don't think that brides 'with money' don't look at places like CL. Some brides love 'discovering' new talent- which just adds to the uniqueness of their wedding.

I noticed that you are on Etsy. Use that to your advantage. Join a couple of the wedding teams on there if you haven't already. Change your tag words on your products every so often to see which ones work better. My business comes from a combination of the following- website, blog, Twitter, Facebook and Etsy. I do place my business info on some free sites, but my focus is always keeping current with the five areas I mentioned. Anything I do- posting new items in my shop or getting another wedding order- I brag about it on the various sites. Also, make sure to really read the postings in the different groups here at Bridal Tweet. I found a few wedding bloggers here who were looking for vendors to interview. I responded to their request and got some great reviews of my work.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for taking the time to respond. I appreciate the information you shared.....
I used CL several times last year and it was a drag. There were far too many artists undercutting ($50 for the bride's makeup and $35 per bridesmaid). I had a couple of brides contact me through CL only to tell me that a couple of other MUAs were charging the above rate and that they really wanted to book me, but wanted me at that rate.

I'm still shaking my head and that was last year.
I advertise on CL and have nothing but great results (hits to my site). Although, I have heard bad things like recieving spam mail, after 3 years in the industry, I still post my ads faithfully. I post under gigs/events. They will not allow you to post US as they focus on local advertising only. I was suspended for a couple of weeks when I first started my business because I posted in every city. But I'm happy to report I have learned my lesson. Have you tried Kijiji and OLX? It's similar to CL but not as popular. I hope I was able to help!
Interesting discussion...
We were just looking at Craig's List over the weekend and discussing whether we should list our business there. Seems in my business (DJs) there were (almost) no professional companies listed - perhaps I missed them. This could be an opportunity to reach an predominately untapped group of shoppers, or garner a lot of spam and people wanting someone to DJ their event for little or nothing. I think I'll hold off for a while before jumping into Craig's List.
As a higher priced Wedding service provider here in Toronto canada , I do not think Craigs list here, will attract the "quaility "of leads that I will normally be looking for ? , Just the bargain hunters ? BUT , ---that said , --I am still interested to hear what others may have expienced ?
I have been using Craigslist for some time now, and have had a few new clients who found us there. I find the best category is "Events." If you look through it you will find that it includes just about everything for events and more.
I have posted on Craigs for quite some time now. I have had several sales. In order to prevent spam email I ALWAYS check the button that says "hide" near the "reply to" and in my description I put a link to my Etsy shop. That way, I never get an email from there. If the person is really interested in purchasing from me, they have to set up an account with Etsy and contact me from there. Which, if they're legitimate, they won't have a problem setting up an account. There are a lot of dishonest people that prey upon sites like Craigs.
When I first launched my business I used craigslist as well. I find it very successful. I started receiving inquiries the very next day. I posted under 'services offered', then the 'event services' category. However to post nationally, I think you will have to select a state then post, and repeat that for each state. I have yet to find a way to post for US without having to do each state individually. I hope this helps.
Craigs list is a way to get VERY LOW BUDGET PEOPLE.  If you are desperate, perhaps this will work for you.  If you are a quality vendor with quality vendor prices, you are  wasting your efforts.   This is a way to get lots of time wasting spam.

Oh I couldn't disagree more. I've been on CL since I started my business. Almost 5 years later, I get very little spam and I get jobs from it...at full price. The thee places I get the most exposure from are Yelp, CL and Facebook. All free.


Additionally, you may get a couple who is trying to lowball vendors, but once you talk to them and show them your stuff, they often end up spending more than they had originally planned.


My listing goes in the "Creative Services" listings.


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