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Just curious as to what your Brides choose to do with vendors.  Do they typically feed them and if so, do they serve them the same food as the Wedding Party and Guests?  Where do they eat?  Is there a table in the back corner or are they relegated to another room all together.  I would love to hear your feedback. 

Thank You!


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Almost all of my brides have had their wedding planners seated either at a vendor tables in the same room or with other guests.  They are also given the same menu.  Can't say that I am in 100% agreement with this.  As a wedding planner, I have turned down the invite and would feel very uncomfortable being seated with other guests for dinner.  I have a job to do and it just doesn't seem right.

I agree with you, Diane.  While I do believe in vendor meals being offered, I'd never sit at a table and eat with wedding guests.  I also don't allow my clients' other vendors to sit at guest tables and eat.  Different room away from guests only.
Usually most of the couples that I have worked with do make us part of their dinner, sometimes we are seated with guest, but other times on a separate table on the same rules.  Other times dinner is not included but we always come prepared.  As Diane  said we are there to do our job , so we eat as fast as we can or not at all.
My stepdaugher is getting married in July 2011.  The caterer is including dinner for her DJ at no extra charge.  I really don't recall if she made specific plans where he is to be seated.   I will ask her is she decided.  
All my couples feed the vendors - usually not the same food as the guests are getting - yes vendors usually have a table in the back most likely where the cocktail hour room while the guests dine in the dining room
Thanks everyone!  It has been my experience that if I am doing my job correctly ;) I don't have time to sit and eat and If I did, it would feel awkward because I am being paid to Do my job not sit and eat like the rest of the guests.  I will typically pack a little something to eat and munch when I can.  To tell you the truth I am usally so busy I don't realize I am hungry until it's time to tear down.  Thanks.
Kelli, I couldn't agree more. We have been invited to sit as a guest. However, we are not guests, we are there to work. Yes, a staff table has been set up several times in a very inconspicuous location. We have taken turns sitting to eat while the rest of the team works. I'm OK with this approach. Never amongst the guests.
We originally planned to serve our vendors the very nice 'vendor meal' provided by our reception hall (a pasta, salad, sides, etc.), but when we had a few guests call in a few days before the wedding to say they couldn't make it, we had the banquet hall give those paid-for meals to our vendors. The vendors I spoke to said that since they work 3 or 4 weddings a weekend, they'd rather eat light dishes -- instead of heavier or meaty entrees -- to stay healthy and full of energy. Brings up a good point, though: brides need to ask their vendors if they have any special dietary requirements, such as gluten-free, etc.



Very valid point.  I will certainly add this to the list of things I go over with the Bride.  I am sure the vendors would appreciate the concern about their dietary needs/allergies.  Thx.

I fed my photographer and DJ.  The catering hall charged me 1/2 price for them.
Feeding them is a very polite thing to do. You don't have to go all out with unlimited drinks or the most expensive ingredients, but even sandwiches is a considerate way to say thank you. They usually eat in another room, depending on the setup of your venue.
In my experiences as a photographer/ vendor, the couple always seems to ask me if I got something to eat. As far as where I eat, usually it is near the dj table, or maybe in another room out of the main dining area. Never been an issue.


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