Hello -does anyone know of a great designer who not only will build my site from the griund up but akso has experience with wedding sites? Desinger must have references. Thanks

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I do!  I'm a graphic designer by trade, have worked for about 5 years from everything from large companies like Landor (Banana Republic, Hilton, etc...) to my university while still a student.  My husband is in the military, so we move a lot, so I decided to start my own business. I have always loved print media and weddings.  I recently starting out my own wedding invitation business!  At the same time I do business services, to include logo designs, web/blog design, premium business services, email/mail designs, and many other business design and print services .  I'd love to keep the two as intermingled as possible.  So if you or anyone you know needs any of these services, just let me know! Just send me an email at Jenn@jennlanedesign.com or visit http://jennlanedesign.com/ or http://www.jennlanedesign.com/blog/ and as a wedding vendor Ill cut you a deal.


Just let me know what you're interested in getting done! 

you can find Iknot ,there are many ,I think

Yes! My husband is a web designer. He did my site - www.bridesupport.com - and has plenty of other examples.

He's very quick, personable, willing to help. PLUS - I act as a "project manager" who can dumb down the techy speak for you in order to make sure he's doing what you really want. :)


Email me at meredith@bridesupport.com if you want more info. Thanks!

I have heard good things about Local Traffic Builder...www.localtrafficbuilder.com.
We do! We specialize in hand-made letterpress invitations. However, we can so web design too. We built our own site www.pressedinbrooklyn.com. It would be great for your website, and any printed materials you create, to have the same look and feel. I also have a personal website www.pressedfordesign.com. Let me know if you have any questions! Stephanie 


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