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Hello All!  I'm restocking my wedding day emergency kit (i.e. Band Aids, Safety Pins, Bobby Pins, Shout Wipes, etc.) and I'm sure there are some items that I'm forgetting or have never even thought of packing.  What do you all keep on hand in case of wedding day SNAFU?

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Hi, we also keep extra pantyhose (all sizes at least (2) of each size), sewing kit, crazy and nail glue, to name a
what type of carrier or case do you use to organize all these items?
I keep a small bag with me at all times while I am working with the immediate emergency kit items, however I also carry a larger fashionable makeup case for the larger items and extra regular kit items.
Great lists. I always include linen facial blotter sheets, Gaffers tape ( it doesn't leave a mess) & static guard.
crochet hook (for the buttons on the bride's dress)

Most photographers I know do not have kits like I do... but I am always prepared because I have 3 kids... and know that anything can happen.


Everything you have listed above... plus -

  • Super glue
  • nail files
  • batteries
  • pain medicine like Tylenol or Motrin,
  • Non Drowsy Allergy Pills
  • Clear nail polish, white nail polish & nail polish remover
  • a travel sewing kit
  • Q-tips
  • wisps (disposable / waterless tooth brushes)
  • dental flossers
  • pads, liners & tampons
  • baby wipes
  • lotion
  • antibacterial hand sanitizer
  • meal bar or energy bar
  • hairspray 
  • tissues
  • comb for teasing 
  • regular comb
  • wide tipped black permanent marker (great for scuffed shoes)
  • blot powder (for the face... incase of oiliness) 

* I have a few odds and ends in my bag... but these are the things I can almost guarantee I will use... 




That's why we need the perfect size cases...several....GREAT LIST ADD ONS...


I have 3 kids myself, they always need something, lol.


To Your Success:)

Here is my Wedding Day Emergency Checklist.

Here is my Wedding Day Emergency Checklist.

I would add green floral tape.  I can't tell you how many times I've had to retape a boutonniere or split one into two because someone was forgotten by the bride when she ordered  them!!

Kathleen @

Studs for groom and groomsmen's shirts ... you might have them for awhile but definitely have them in the kit ...


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