It seems like no matter how many ads i put up, events i throw or sites i join i can hardly ever find clientele! Any suggestions?

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i tried the free offer before but the message that sends is "what's the catch". I want to offer discounts but i don't want to devalue myself or my company by trying to let my hard work go discounted or cheaply...

Any response or suggestions to this?
Makes sense Shairon. Have to be careful. What I will offer is a "free tasting" for Brides and grooms. Should I wait till they commit to the job or do it as a way of convincing them we are great caterers? hmmm..
I feel like was said back in "91" ITS THE ECONOMY STUPID! With that said its even more important for ALL to network and work with each other whether your a Photog, Caterer, Planner or Banquet Hall. The more we interact with each other the more sucess we can all achieve. Lastly the economy will turn and things will get back to normal...after all as a people....We ALL like to SPEND $$.
I once tried to give discounts but the effect was " you are not working so you need to do discounts to find new clients!" so...from that moment..I have never done a discount any more. :-) you are right it's a tricky thing and we have to be very carefull with discounts they are not always a good thing

Discounts or "free" things can be used by explaining "we're just starting up and working on building our portfolio" Identify what sort of events, styles, etc you want to have in your portfolio and offer a limited number of those sorts of things for free or at a discounted rate. Caterers could have people pay for the cost of food, your time and expertise could be free. Since word of mouth is invaluable consider whatever costs you incur as your "advertising" costs.

I have yet to buy a single ad or be at a single show with my business but have easily "spent" over $3000 in "advertising" this year. This has already paid back in spades. Just be sure to set everything out in detail in a contract for your client and have everyone sign it.

Make sure you get images of whatever it is you're doing. This is easy if you're a photographer less easy if you're a florist, event organizer, caterer, etc. Document the crap out of everything and then promote it to death on facebook, twitter, and blog it. Tell everyone and anyone about what you do.
yes yes yes...word of month the best thing ever!
Hey Shairon,

I am about to launch a site that deals with all aspects of the wedding industry on a global scale. I have a section for vendors to place packages and stipulate prices and give great discounts. If you would care to learn more, Please contact me. I believe my site will be the first destination for all things wedding with in the next year or so after we launch. This could be a great avenue for you.

If you own a web site try doing a little SEO to get top page rankings in your area this might not drive extreme amounts of traffic to your site, but it will be targeted to your niche/area. So the turnover on seeker to actual client will be greater. (I owned a Marketing and Ad agency, and can also offer you help in this arena should you want to pursue that)

Either way, reach out.
and to everyone on this site, should you have a service in the wedding industry and care to learn more about what it is my site is all about and how it could potentially help create more leads for me.

Hope all is well to everyone, and I look forward to your input.
I am interested if your site is free. hmm?
You do have a funny name for it. Are you sure that's a catchy one?
Just wondering since you asked for input or thoughts.
Good idea having the site though. I am game for whatever gets brides.
We have a small venue in O.C. seating 100 guests and we do catering.
Really good food. Can't seem to get people in tho'. I am feeling quite discouraged.
Any ideas?

i am donna from isis bridal and tuxedo in la habra,  CA.  we sell designer wedding gowns ect we have been working harder then ever to create more leads and coming up with 0 i am also not  happy with my web page

contact: email:

Sending out an e-blast to local brides is a great way to market your business! Some e-blast tips: Make sure the subject line is interesting/unique, offer a special/discount with an EXPIRATION (this ensures quick response), make sure there is a call to action (call me, e-mail me), and use great pictures!
I think there is no magic answers but just a sum of all you can do to be always on the spotlight and to let everyonw knows you and what you do! I've found out that my blog is a good way to find clients as writing the way I work and telling them my normal life they maybe trust more in me and feel I'm just a human being who just truly can help them. Also networking but I've never been a true fann of Facebook, but I adore twitter and I'm discovering and starting only now with bridaltweet.
and of course the best advise is to always help everyone because maybe in that moment you think is just a waiste of time but in future all the good things will turn to you even better!

Always at your disposal! :-D
I think the others are spot on with their recommendations re: networking, and definitely, in being sure that your name and your logo get as many eyes/impressions as possible via all of the social networking sites and advertising venues your budget will allow.

But I think there's also something to say for simply being awesome at what you do...demonstrating it every day, whether it's directly with a client or not.

This is one of the reasons I opened up the group for Vendor Advice. I'm hoping that in this discussion group, we as vendors can throw out all our ideas and expert opinions on different aspects of a wedding, to help not only inspire our brides, but each other to get out there, and show them we know our stuff - inside and out. It has to be about more than just a daily stock advert, right?

The only other thing I've learned in my first year (other than a whole new kind of patience) is to always be working and doing something - even if it isn't for a client - make sure you're doing things that will keep your skills in the A game, that will build your portfolio. The more people feel like you are a hot commodity, the more they will want to work with you.

Hope this helps!
Best of luck!


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