What are the common things bride or couples mistakes when choosing a wedding supplier?

I just want to get the opinions from all of the wedding suppliers like me..Please share..thanks

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I find that one of the most common mistakes is that brides/couples get glamoured by a deal 'too good to be true' & end up sacrificing a key element to the most important day of their lives, and then reading about their poor choice or outcome of a particular vendor in a review or blog or even seeing a video splashed all over youtube all because a particular vendor was "the best deal around." When it's your wedding day, don't sacrifice quality over price. Do your research and read reviews. This is supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime event. You don't want to always look back on the day with regret.
I second that! I feel that if you want something to turn out right then you can not compromise on the price. If you do settle for such a cheap price and it turns out bad, then you can't blame that company. Sometimes if an individual is just starting out they will discount the price for you, but you have to know that it may not b as good of a product as the next man or woman's. Love it! You are so dead on!
two big mistakes. Basing the decision on price only- you get what you pay for usually. And hiring a vendor who doesn't have experience in weddings. (Example, a bakery that doesn't specialize in wedding cakes or a photographer that does corporate head shots) Vendor may be very talented, but also needs to understand the timing, teamwork and all the details that are specific to weddings.
Though the majority of the time "too good to be true" pricing is exactly what it is, sometimes the mistake is that of the of the newbie underestimating themselves...so the "AMAZING" just starting out vendor could just be under-priced out of under-confidence. :/

You are absolutely right.

Budget is a must to them and, sometimes, they don't understand it's almost impossible to get everything they want with small budgets. It happens quite often that they choose a planner or a vendor just on the price they are able to get for their services but they don't pay attention to the quality of the service.

The biggest and most common mistake brides and couples make is that they choose by price. You get what you pay for in this industry and unfortunately they find out the hard way, when it's too late. There are no do-overs, so selecting your vendors based on service and quality is a must. Hire a planner, even just for consultations to get you on the right track. It will haunt you forever if all that time (250 hours on average) and emotion spent planning comes crashing down on your shoulders on your big day because you wanted to save a couple hundred, here and there. Couples have the misconception that vendors want to rip them off, but the 'dark horses' in the industry are few and far between. If it looks too good to be true, it often is.

Another major mistake I often see is they appoint family members or friends to 'work' the wedding day by managing, videotaping, photographing and being the go to people for all the vendors and venue contacts. It is unfair to have your guests working to make sure you have a nice day. You would not invite someone over to your place and have them hosting your guests while you mingle. It's disrespectful and terrible etiquette! Hire the professionals. It will make all the difference for you and your guests.
Yes, Hire a planner. Asking friends, family members and anyone in the wedding party to manage your wedding day isn't the way to go.
I agree Denise. In our business (tent and party rental) we're reasonably priced, but not the cheapest. But in return for the increase our products are well-maintained and replaced more often. We're amazed that some competitors rent dirty, scratched and scuffed items. These items show up the day before or the day of a wedding and there is little you can do to have them replaced at that point and the bride and groom should not have to clean their rented materials before they use them. Take the time to check references, or post "has anyone used XYZ for an event?" and find out what level of quality and professionalism you're going to be dealing with when choosing a vendor.
Totally agree! We are in the business of tents and party rentals as well and often find that we are "bailing" customers out the day of their event. We are more than happy to offer our services and have been pretty appalled by the service that our competitors provide! Like you, we are very reasonably priced, just not the lowest in our market. Selling our quality and service is our top priority!
One of the biggest mistakes brides make when choosing a wedding supplier/vendor is that that don't choose one at all. They entrust key items in their wedding to relatives/ friends and it ends up in disaster when the relative/friend doesn't come through. It is important to do your research and ask questions and understand that you always get what you pay for.
It's amazing how all the reply s here are very similar, yet all true. Couples want want great service & quality and they should have the best for one of the biggest days of their lives, yet search for the cheapest priced vendors. It's like shopping for a Mercedes, but wanting to pay a Kia price. Quality costs more. The biggest mistake has to be delegating friend to do a professionals job. Good wedding professionals make their job look easy therefore couples believe friends can do what we do just as well.


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