What are your top wedding topics that you'd like researched and blogged about to help in your wedding planning?

As a blogger for The Dessy Group, I want to help you! Tell me how I can better my blogging topics to help you in all of your wedding planning needs. Tell me where you need guidance and help and I'll research and post for you!

Thanks all! :)

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This is a really good post. If I can help with veil topics let me know
You have probably already written about this, but sometimes I run into brides who have trouble finding dresses for their bridal party because they are all shapes & sizes. I'd love to make sure they know they can choose different dresses for their ladies as long as they compliment each other in style/formality. I understand and appreciate uniformity, but sometimes it works out better to use different dresses so everyone is more comfortable and feels marvelous that day!
Thanks Stacey, this is a great topic and I think one that is very relevant to all brides. I will get into some research and gather some great info to blog about this exact topic very soon. I will post it here on Bridaltweet and on my blog at www.bridesmaid.com. Thanks again! :)
In order to get the best services for the recpetion, which vendors should be reserved first and how far out?
Hi Matthew, also a great topic, thanks! I think the timeline of how to do what and when is sometimes the most stressful part of planning a wedding and reception. I will get going on making an easy to follow timeline and will post it here and on www.bridesmaid.com. Thanks again!


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