Boy, times are changing from when I was married........

Designers are creating wedding dresses in colors like black, grey and blue; the throw away bouquet is not being done anymore by many brides; traditional wedding cakes are not being served; groom and groomsmen are wearing regular suits; the bride and groom take pictures before the ceremony; brides debating on whether or not to keep her last name.

Do you think this is just a trend that will phase out and all the old traditions will come back?  Open for discussion.

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I think with anything else traditions and trends develop, change, get lost, and reinvented over time.  A tradition is just a trend that has outlasted most.  I think especially with the millennial generation, anyone born between 1980 and 1995, these strong traditions are going to be changing.  The millennials are  easily the most connected group due to the emergence of the internet and social media.  This makes it easy for them to see how other innovative ideas have worked out, and how they could be improved.  Brides can talk to other brides now whom they may not even know, but have a similar style.  I think it is likely that the old traditions will continue but be less prominent.
I'm seeing color within the white or ivory wedding dress but not a completely different color all together; All my couples are still doing the throw away bouquet, 50/50 on the wedding cakes - seeing cupcakes or pie slices; grooms and groomsmen wearing just regular suits is becoming big and the couple seeing each other before the ceremony to take pictures so they can enjoy more of the cocktail hour; My brides who have an established profession are not changing their names I don't see that going away

I think that the traditional customs or should be reserved, but for too trival etiquette can appropriate simplified.

Now the bride and groom were inspired by the Internet, making all sorts of unique wedding.

I have seen departures from traditional aspects of the wedding ceremony.  But many couples are looking to create their own one-of-a-kind touches.  With all of the non-traditional choices for venues and menus and flowers and music and cakes, the sky is the limit for unique weddings, which is the goal, I think.  One phrase I hear a lot of brides use is "cookie cutter"... in that they do NOT want a cookie cutter wedding.  There are so many options available that I have a really good time seeing how these ceremonies and celebrations come together once we put our heads together to work their vision.


Just like the cycles of fashion, I suspect traditional elements, like those you have mentioned, will make a strong come back, even if they are considered vintage when they reappear.

Yeah! May be the old tradition will come back with slight changes.The important point is which liked by the people. Which ever is old or new,It should like by the people or wedding couples.If any one needs help to plan a wedding,they may use the wedding app and make use of it.

I don't think all traditions are completely gone. Even so called "non traditional" weddings have many traditional elements. There are still many couples who stick with old tradition. All is not lost!!!! I think will the new generation we will see a more of a mixture of cultural traditions incorporated in weddings. This year the Knot predicted the return of the more traditional weddings with formal style, traditional cream and whites, tuxedos and formal gowns. Can wait to see what 2012 holds!

This is not necessarly a bad thing. Traditions will still be there just tweeked to personalize each wedding. Which just gives each bride tons more options to be fun and herself still keeping the traditions and the whole reason their getting married in mind.

Hey- there were'nt cell phones or internet when I was growing up! But what a great addition they have made to our lives. Seeing each other before the wedding helps us greatly in getting all the photos done prior to the wedding. It is really hard to hide the bride, then hide the groom because we still have to to the majority of photos afterwards any way.

White stands for virginity, and I'm pretty sure the odds are low for virgins. We have only done maybe 2 couples who did not live together before the wedding date. But, white dresses are pretty and traditional.Some grooms even help pick the dress.

Tradidional blah vanilla cake is not good. Ooey gooey filled wonderful flavors make for some fine cakes.

Beach weddings are always casual/khaki and cotton and I have been seeing more casual wear even in church weddings. I think that if the wedding party could realistically use the clothing for other events that are more casual, then that makes the outfit purchase worthwhile. I mean, if they can only wear the outfit to a fancy occasion, then they might only ever wear it 1 or 2 more times. And, fancy is too fancy for church, so Sunday wear is out. If it was more casual, it could be worn out to dinner, church, or other parties.

I have only seen a few brides with NO throw away boquets, so I don't think that is going to be a new trend. That is one piece of fun I think will stick around.

The last name-don't know; have not heard about that one yet!

We've done over 2500 weddings in our 20+ years. Things come and things go. The funniest of all things were the big fat BUTT bows on the backs of dresses. That was back in the negative/film days, but boy, I wish I still had some of those images. Thank goodness that one has passed! It was over used by girls who had no business with it on their back sides!





I think that some of this is due to the practical side of brides and grooms as a result of the economy, especially in men's formalwear.  However, in the 1800's it was more common for brides to just wear the nicest dress they had.  At least they aren't there, yet.   

As far as the toss bouquet, most brides are waiting longer to get married and they might have different emotions about the whole thing.  Perhaps fewer friends at this point who are even "eligible" to catch the bouquet.  There are so many wonderful things to do with the bouquet.  I had a bride this summer give her bouquet to her Mom.  

Many brides don't see a need or desire to change their last names especially if they have established careers.  I'm seeing probably over 50% keeping their name.  It might be a regional thing, too.  Just knowing that they can keep their name is comforting to some.  When we do officiating interviews, it's almost as if they haven't even thought about how they want to be announced after they have been pronounced as husband and wife.  Sometimes this is their first discussion about the bride keeping her name or not! 

Every generation likes to do things differently and that's probably why things go through cycles.  I think that the biggest change is that grooms are so much more involved in the planning process.

Thanks Diane for starting this discussion!

I remember going to a relative's Wedding when I was a little girl.  Typical traditional Wedding--Bride down the aisle, saying "I Do", taking pictures, cake & punch, off to the honeymoon!


Even though culture has progressed and times have changed, I still see a LOT of brides holding to the major traditions of a Wedding.  Even "Backyard Weddings" have the sense of tradition......Bride down the aisle, saying "I Do", taking pictures, cake and off for a vacay!!!!

Some brides I have worked with have wanted to get away from the traditional things of a wedding to do things in a more updated or personalized way.

 I have not had a bride that did not have a throw away bouquet as of yet and yes i have had grooms that were wearing regualr suits that looked good, not neccessarily really expensive ones but ones that looked good for a wedding.

 Most of the weddings i have done the couple did do their pictures before the ceremony with only a small handful doing them seperately so coming from a DJ's point of view in the midwest that is what I am seeing so who knows if traditional ways will jsut face away or come back.



Ohh and most of my clients are holding both the ceremony and receptions in the same place to save money and time, the good part for me since I am fully ordained is that not only am I their DJ but their minister as well which is something I take pride in providing.


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