Boy, times are changing from when I was married........

Designers are creating wedding dresses in colors like black, grey and blue; the throw away bouquet is not being done anymore by many brides; traditional wedding cakes are not being served; groom and groomsmen are wearing regular suits; the bride and groom take pictures before the ceremony; brides debating on whether or not to keep her last name.

Do you think this is just a trend that will phase out and all the old traditions will come back?  Open for discussion.

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I also perform as an officiant. I do it for FREE along w/ any photography pkg. I agree......makes it nice when everything is done in one location. We have had to travel one full hour just to get to the reception location. That's not something we care to do!!

Since I am also fully ordained I do charge for my services for that along with services for DJ/entertainment but I have been taking photos and giving the couple a FREE CD with all their pictures.


Change is inevitable, but the conventional stuff will stay .

Since I responded to this thread from the DJ side of this I thought I would respond from the minister/officiant side.

 Most of the weddings I have seen in the past and future ones where I will be presiding over which is something I am very proud to do for my clients, I am seeing both traditional ways and non traditional ways since some couples want to follow the way their parents had their wedding years ago. And there are some who want to do things totally different and set their own style which I do admire actually.

 Most young couples these days are seeing how others are doing things and also seeing the videos being posted on youtube anything from dancing down the isle to coreographed or planned out dance routines which is something I see as fun and new. Now I also have had clients where they have held both the ceremony and reception in the same event hall which does allow me to not only be the DJ but to also be their officiant so I can preside over their ceremony.

 Just some input from both sides of my business



Well, as they say change is constant! The more we would grow in centuries, the traditions and the ceremonies are bound to witness changes according to adapting capability of the people. Though, the basic traditions should remain same but, we still need to be flexible in our approach and accept the changes happenings with time.

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         In country my country wedding tradition is like this A liberal bunch, Swedes often decide to marry after living together for a few years, or after the woman is pregnant with their first child. With almost 20 hours of sunlight each day, summer is prime wedding season.A crown belonging to the bride’s family or church, and, although it hardly sounds comfortable, a gold coin in your right shoe and a silver one in your left for good luck. Making walking even harder, your shoes stay unlaced to improve your chances of easy childbirth.If you want to follow a seriously old-school tradition, breathe as little as possible, since brides and bridesmaids carry bouquets of weeds that stink to high heaven in order to ward off trolls (don’t knock it -- trolls haven’t crashed anyone’s wedding so far). According to another old tradition, men dance vigorously around the bride to knock her crown off, and the victor has good luck.

I think what is happening now will become traditions later on. The wedding dresses now will become the "traditional wedding dresses" a couple of years from now. I think in order for the institution to stand and stay firm, it has to be reinvented. To be honest I think the only "tradition" that's gonna stick for a longer time is the diamond engagement rings but even now that ceases to be the norm. Sometimes the girls just want something more exquisite and unique that would remind them more of their time together so they just opt for something else aside from the diamond ring (PS Look at {Red-i} I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THEIR PIECES!!! and I think I'm ask my hubby-to-be to get me something from there.---here's their site ) So yeah, that's what I think about traditions.

Booooooooriiiiinng!! Everyone is different, so their wedding should reflect that! Why would I wear something or do something everyone else is doing or expecting me to do? I love non-traditional weddings and brides. The more unique the more excited I get! That's why I got into this business. For the different styles, personalities of each bride. I'd shoot myself if all my brides were traditional and all wanted to wear white or ivory gowns. 

LOL.  I so agree with you Samantha. I respect the old school or traditional wedding ways but I love reinvention and something different always happen to be an exciting thing for me. That's why imma have a beach wedding next year (the first in my family and my FI's) because I wanted it to be memorable. And for it to be memorable, it's gotta have to be unique!  


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