i was hoping that someone out there can give me some ideas on what to give as a favor for my wedding..or if there are any websites that i cab check out...i was looking for something to give that people would use & not just stick in a drawer...i dont want to give out candles....also cant do shot glasses or wine stoppers...dont like the idea of a candle table....hope someone can help me...thanks

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I recently blogged about this, check it out:

The Bridal Babe!
How about customizing bottles of ASTI? Trader Joe's sells the bottles for about $6 each and you can design lables with your monogram (or whatever you like) yourself on Photoshop and either take the disc for printing to Kinko or print them yourself! If you don't want alcohol, you can use Martinelli's flavored sparkling juices...The bottles are lovely!
Something they can eat is always something guests like, as in hershey kisses and you can get stickers to put on the bottom with your date on them. Or M&Ms in your wedding colors. We did personalized M&Ms in my husbands favorite football team and we also gave out $1.00 lotto tickets...they loved them! One guest won $40! We put them in envelopes that said "Lucky in Love".

On our website one of the writers found great favors @ BeauCoup.com


Good luck...send me a message if you need any other ideas.
The lotto idea sounds awesome, I know that my family would love that!!
Were you looking for personalized items? or maybe something like a bookmark , those are getting increasingly popular.
I agree that something your guest can eat or take home to enjoy later is a great idea. Caramel apples are a great new trend and come in lots of flavours and prices. Also wedding pops ( large chocolates on a stick) are fab. Both can even be decorated to look like brides and grooms
zazzle.com also has items you can use for DIY
Zazzle has some great ideas, but try checking out www.labelsonthefly.com too. We offer alot of different personalized items such as labels, coasters and bookmarks.
Congratulations on your wedding! Love Made Glass has the most beautiful glass wedding favors and they are unique, you will not find them anywhere else. Visit us at www.love-made-glass.com and if you decide to go with our products, I will give you a special 25% discount on your order of 25 pcs or more. Thanks for your consideration and Happy Engagement!
A great idea is setting up a candy buffet..with assorted candies in your theme colors or yours and your fiance's favorite childhood candies...
get either small personalized boxes or bags where guests can put the candies of their choice from the buffet..
Let me know if you'd like the contact info of someone who can help you or if you'd like to see some sample pictures..
Edible and "consumable" favors are my favorites. If you are leaning away from candies, I have always liked the idea of small jars of jams, jellies, chutney, etc. Here in Maine, for example, I've seen couples give wild blueberry jams. You can often choose a regional specialty to give the "flavor" of your location. Apple butter, cider, maple syrup...lots of options. Stonewall Kitchen has lots of these tiny jars of specialty foods that work well as favors. Add a ribbon and personalized tag to the top and they're quite pretty: http://www.stonewallkitchen.com/ Of course you should always look to your local area, too, for regional specialty foods. Local businesses can often work with you to make unique favors.

Of course, I'm also partial to lip balm and would love to work with you! :0)


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