i was hoping that someone out there can give me some ideas on what to give as a favor for my wedding..or if there are any websites that i cab check out...i was looking for something to give that people would use & not just stick in a drawer...i dont want to give out candles....also cant do shot glasses or wine stoppers...dont like the idea of a candle table....hope someone can help me...thanks

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Flower seed wedding favours are an excellent way to provide your wedding guests with a momento of your special wedding day. Your guests will love these unique and unusual personalised flower seed wedding favours and when planted they will flourish and grow in their garden and remind them of your special wedding day. Also as many flowers are attractive to butterflies and bees these wedding seed favours will also be doing their bit for wildlife.
Please visit my site at www.athankyoufavor.com.  We have some very unique favors.  Don't forget to check out our Worldwide Favor tab that takes you to our sister site.  I also have some blogs using homemade truffles that are delish and make a great favor in an adorable container/box. 

How about a personalized pail full of candy or treats? These are small pails 3Qt size and perfect for wedding favors!  Wedding Pail


Not sure if you already made a decision but here are some things I have seen with my brides over the last couple months:


Homemade Jam

Seedling tree's

Boxed Chocolates

Candy apples

Small bottles of wine/alcohol

Picture frame

Lottery ticket

Fortune Cookies

Post It Note/Pen

I think that you'd better find a professional company which is good at this. Thus, it will save you a lot of time and enery.
There are most of the thing of favors have been used.It's very hard to find the unique wedding favor.The more important thing is the label written on the wordings and couples name.What ever your wedding favor,it should remind long time for the guest.If any body wants the help in wedding planning ,can use the wedding planner iPhone app and gain a lot from it.

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