i was hoping that someone out there can give me some ideas on what to give as a favor for my wedding..or if there are any websites that i cab check out...i was looking for something to give that people would use & not just stick in a drawer...i dont want to give out candles....also cant do shot glasses or wine stoppers...dont like the idea of a candle table....hope someone can help me...thanks

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I have a blog about this topic.....www.eventsbydoyin.blogspot.com
Giving favors is on top of my list of wedding old-fashioned things to ditch! Seriously! Dedicate a song or a performance to all of your guests, make a cute, short speech, make them feel welcomed and appreciated. These people are your friends and family, they'll love you no matter what, a soggy chocolate or a tea light candle won't add anything to your event:) Be creative! Challenge the old fashioned rules put in place so long ago that we don't even know why ... And yes, give to charity instead!
I make Heavenly Cake Pops! They make PERFECT wedding favors! What is a Cake Pop? Typically it is about a 1/3 serving of chocolate cake coated in milk chocolate on a lollipop stick! They can be simple or as elegant as you would like them! They taste amazing and I've never seen left overs:)! There is always a few out there that enjoy them so much they scoop them off the tables;)!

or see what people are saying on Facebook @

Jennifer Cucci
Heavenly Cake Pops!
I have been to about 8 weddings this year and another 4 or 5 last year, and I can tell you that most wedding favours I got were eaten or thrown away EXCEPT the clear acrylic picture frames I got.

The best wedding favours I received though were pictures from photo booths at a few of the weddings... they were printed instantly onsite with nice floral backgrounds and or costumes. I will be getting married next year and I definitely will get a photo booth - its fun and people can interact and dress up + get a nice souvenir photo to take home.

The picture frames were great, but it does add a little bit to the cost.
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I can make you the perfect favor for your wedding. A Little Something Extra Personalized Chocolate Bars, for only $1.99 each, (discounts over 100 bars). Specially created to match your theme, design or whatever you would like. The perfect favor, that everyone will enjoy! All bars have an extra special sparkle. If you would like to know more about my product and service, please visit ALSEChocolateBaskets.com or call me to discuss your special day.

bags not included, but would love to work with you to make the perfect favor for your guests.
I do belive I am going to give out fans.

I am getting married August 27, 2011 at the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival. It will be hot. I was thinking that fans would be useful during the ceremony.

I am not sure where I am going to purchase my fans. I am also not sure if I am going to get them all one color or have different colors. I also was thinking of ordering personalized ones, although non-personalized would be much less expensive.

I have seen them made of paper; however, they may not be as durable.

My dress was purchased from the Renaissance Festival this year, and is Ivory, Tan, and lt blue.
Edibles are the clear choice if you're not quite sure ... brownie pops and cheesecake pops are very fashionable and fun right now. Check out Bakerella's cheesecake pop recipe. Anything chocolate is a hit. Those personalized chocolate Hershey's Kisses are cute. People also like seasonal edible favors like the mini maple syrup jars or olive oil bottles for fall. Caramel apples or apple cider packs are also good for fall. Mini liquor bottles (like those tiny bottles of kahlua) would be a big hit at some weddings and raise eyebrows at others but are a really fun way to express someone's ethnicity, e.g., Irish whiskey or Mexican tequila. Avoid Jordan almonds unless they are close to your heart or a traditional part of your wedding, aka Greek receptions, and if you buy them be sure to get the good kind. They come in several grades, and the lowest grade are like rocks, these give the almonds an undeserved bad reputation.

I think one of the classiest and most memorable things you can do with edible favors is to go local. Around here I would look at those little maple sugar leaves, or little jars of local honey. There is a regional sort of spicy ketchup around here called Woodstead that people go crazy for here; it would make a great favor. We also have a chocolate-pretzel artisan shop that would be a great source for favors. Hope that helps generate some ideas!

Why not try Artisan Truffles or Artisan Oreos
or Artisan Pretzels as Favors?
Hi - i can be of help - I always have good ideas. I just hope im not late.
It's always useful to give your guests something like: salt and pepper shakers, picture frame, sugar and creamer, spoon rest holder for cooking, bowl, oil/vinegar bottle, napkiin holder with salt/perpper shaker

this site here is my best friends sister in laws webiste. she sells wedding stuff for all occsions maria is her name. they are in long island. tell them I recommended you.

if you dont find anything there - here is 2 other sites, Im always surfing onthe site for
wedding things:



I hope this helps and congrats on your wedding.
For my wedding, my fiance and I are giving a donation to the Muscular Distrophy Association and the Heart Association in lieu of a direct present to the guests.  We have made arrangements for certificates to be created from both charities for each guest which I'll roll like a scroll and decorate and place in fabulous looking medieval wine goblets along with the place cards.  -

If you want to have something different that some edible, how about:


Personalised seed packets

Herb pots

Loveheart luggage tags

Sweepstake for famous horserace

Yo Yo

Fridge Magnet

Small silver photoframes


Hope this helps


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I don't know when you're getting married and I'm sorry if I missed it. If you're still looking for some great gift favors, I found some at sandsationalsparkle.com! They have such different ideas and gifts you can personalize for your bridesmaids/maid of honor!


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