I am a fairly new planner and for 2011 I am trying to get into the branding and would like to revamp my site.  I created my site with webeasy and it is hosted by ieasysite and I am not that find of the templates.  The ideal thing would be something I can maintain myslef and will not have the advertising on the bottom for example free site from yola or vistaprint at the bottom.  The last thing I do not have a lot of money to invest and I understand that we need to invest in our business to make it successful but my kids have to eat too. 



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I use godaddy.com to host my domain and the wedding school I acquired my certification has a template for design
Hi There! I created/styled my site using Thesis, its being hosted by Justhost.com Its a WordPress Framework. I use to design HTML/CSS sites but found that there is a faster way of putting up your website by using professional templates. I looked at Woo Themes and Joomla, not to mention prophoto blogs. I found a simplicity and ease of managing my site through Thesis.
go to godaddy.com. I built my own site for cheap with their websit tonight software. It is cheap and simple. Look at my site at www.shoutindj.com

Hi, I use Microsoft office live for all of my websites. The templates are totally customizable (to the point that they are no longer templates) and the hosting is totally free! All the design tools are available, 150 dedicated business email addresses and all the stats are at hand too. Optimising and maintenance tools are also free. I've had my main business websites with them for two years + and I can tell you there is no catch. Please take a look at my sites. www.dominickaye.co.uk and www.theweddingalliance.co.uk


Great - and free too.  Mama likes.

After years with a designer, I took it over due to costs of needing to update, so I designed my own site with Web Easy Pro 8 and host it through Hostpapa.  Easy to create and update.  Check it out www.brides-beautiful.com  Would love your comments.

Sharon I use Web Easy 8 as well I guess I just know what I am doing because I have trouble with it that is why I was looking for a change.  Maybe you can give me some suggestions on using Web Easy.



As a photographer I needed something quite simple and easy to use. It took me ages to find an upgrade from mrsite (which is about £15) that I used for a year. It hosts itself and is quite easy to use. One the downside its very limited and after a year I wanted something more.


I eventually found Website X5 (now in its 6th edition website x6) by Incomedia. I had to find my own host for this but its been bliss once I got to know the software. I have been able to completely design my site how I wish in a really simple manner. It takes a bit of effort but its only £40.00 from amazon and I've never looked back.


I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to move off basic templates and design their own. Have a look at my site and see what you think, www.pbweddingphotography.com

Really nice looking website Philip, the only thing that I would comment on is that it is a graphical (non html) site and is therefor not visible to search engine enquiries. All in all very nice though.

I haven't found anything easier and more feature-rich than Register.com.

The whole thing cost $12.95 per month and includes ecommerce payment processing through PayPal.

Hundreds of templates to choose from and as many pages as you will ever need. But my favorite

feature and the analytical tools that allow me to track activity to my website base on time-of-day, day-of-week and from other links, e-mail promotions, google and all the other search engines. With this tool, I know what's working and what's not.

Classy Transportation, LLC



Another Thesis user here :) I love Thesis! I use Dreamhost to host the site.


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