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Hi all Wedding Vendors in dear old Blighty. I've just joined a great group on Bridal Tweet called Wedding Vendor Link Exchange. There's nothing better than some quality, non-competitive links on your website to boost one's Google & other search engine rankings so it's a great idea. However, there don't seem to be any other vendors in that group that are UK-based so I was wondering if any of this group would be interested in a link exchange with another UK-based site. I'm a voice coach / public speaking coach who helps speakers to prepare and perform confident speeches and in this capacity I work a lot with people who need to prep wedding speeches. I'm completely re-designing my website and would like to add some reciprocal links to impressive, independent websites that would attract similar clientele but are not direct competitors. Is anyone interested in doing the same to help with their rankings? My new website should be up in about a week so if you’d like to link, just send me the text you’d like me to put next to your link and I’ll have a look and then duly send you the same info for my site. Cheers, Gillian McAuley at VoiceMatters.

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Great idea Gillian! At last, someone from UK. I was beginning to feel seriously lonely and even considered dropping out of this and other similar sites as they all seem to be overloaded with American vendors and little or nothing appearing frm the UK. Nothing wrong with Americans of course, but I am a few thousand miles East to be able to utilise any of their huge enthusiasm. I am certainly interested in your proposition.

My web-site is

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your reply. Yep, I agree. Most of these new business networking sites are heavily balanced towards Americans at the moment so if one's service is quite localised, like yours and mine, it can be a bit dispiriting. A European surge is needed! Are you on LinkedIn? They have a lot of groups for professional public speakers that might be worth having a look at.

What a fabulous site you have! And what an interesting, impressive service you offer! I'd be more than happy to do a link exchange with you. I'm going to try not to duplicate any linked services if I can help it and I certainly don't have a toastmaster; it's perfect as it's a non-competitive yet very relevant service. I'm just putting the finishing touches to my new website and it'll be up in about a week. If it's ok with you I'll add you as a friend on here and we can discuss it further. Cheers, Gillian.
Just joined the Bridal tweet party today.

I too are London based. I'm developing a london based wedding blog called

I've placed links for you both on the site, any reciprocal links to would be delightful!

Have a look at


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