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Things to Consider While Selecting The Trending Boho Wedding Dresses

Trending Boho wedding dresses are something that the brides of the 21st century are inclining towards.

It's been a long time and the Bohemian wedding dresses come a long way now. From unfussy slip dresses to lace floor-length wedding gowns, the dresses are getting flawless and glamorous with time. If you are looking for something…


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Top 10 Princess Wedding Dresses We All Are Gushing Over

Our childhood was no less than a royal childhood even if we were not born in palaces. Our parents were our kings and queens and we were their little princesses. From then on, I began a possessive upbringing until our married life began. On our big day, all we want is to look like a princess too. 2019 has officially been the year of royal weddings. So, today we bring to you some ravishing, luxurious royal princess wedding dresses that are every bride-to-be's dream. These wedding dresses will…


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Amazing Chic Ideas for A Stunning Bridal Shower

An informal wedding farewell, also known as the bridal shower is the fun part of a wedding celebration. It is the day the bride-to-be spends with her closest girl pals, reminiscing their good ole' days and promising to keep their bond evergreen come what may. As jovial as it…


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The Ultimate Bride's Guide For The Bride On Her Wedding Day!

Your big day will be the most energetic day of your life. Almost thrice as busy as you’ve been since choosing your wedding invitation cards. You will juggle a lot of things. So you will require some essentials available at handy. This will save you from wedding day jitters and also restore your mental peace during the day. So here, we are listing some essentials to ease out…


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Wedding invitation addressing guide from the feminist perspective

Everyone loves to be invited to the wedding of their loved ones. But from time immemorial, we have seen the same way of addressing the invitees. The card either says Mr and Mrs his last name or Mrs or Mr his last name. Both these are quite similar and it gives subtle hints that women’s name is not important at all. It was all fine years back but, it seems offensive nowadays when we talk so much about feminism. For this sole reason, here is a recent wedding…


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Disneyland Wedding Ideas & Inspirations

Disney is one of the most enchanting things in the whole world. Irrespective of the age or country, everyone loves Disney unconditionally. The love for Disney is well reflected in various Disneyland parks across the globe. And, the Disneyland is one of the major themes for the wedding of most of the Disney loving wedding couples. If you are also…


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7 Ways To Include Pantone Colors Of The Year On Your Wedding Day

Agreed, the Pantone colors of the year 2016 were announced long back. So what? Both of this colors-Serenity blue and rose quartz are so amazing that they can be included in any dream wedding for the ages to come. With all their glamour, these beautiful shades can be used in wedding decorations, wedding attires, wedding cards and almost every other wedding related thing. How? Okay, we will tell you 7 quirky tricks to use the Pantone colors of the year on your wedding…


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