The Ultimate Bride's Guide For The Bride On Her Wedding Day!

Your big day will be the most energetic day of your life. Almost thrice as busy as you’ve been since choosing your wedding invitation cards. You will juggle a lot of things. So you will require some essentials available at handy. This will save you from wedding day jitters and also restore your mental peace during the day. So here, we are listing some essentials to ease out the hassle on your wedding day, a little. You can even keep some of them in a bag and keep the bag around, with you (if possible):

  1. A comfy, light dress: The foremost thing you need to do is protect yourself from the burden of a heavy wedding dress. Choose a lighter outfit and of course the prettiest. A wedding gown should be the one that you can wear all day long without wanting to change it to something comfier.
  2. A fresh-smelling deodorant: It is going to be a long day where you’ll meet a lot of people. It sounds tiring, doesn’t it? So, you need something to keep you as fresh as a morning flower till the very end. Your favorite sweet-smelling deodorant will work the best to keep the body odor at bay!
  3. Mouth freshener: In between all the excitement and tension, there are chances that you might forget to brush your teeth. So keep a pack of peppermint pellets to keep your breath fresh because we want you to have a magical first impression! 
  4. Self-tan remover: This is an absolute must-have if there is direct exposure to sunlight at the wedding venue. A suntan can cause irritation, itching, and rashes on the skin. So, it is always better to apply a self-tan remover and get 'picture perfect' ready in seconds!
  5. Double-sided tape: Wardrobe malfunctions are the annoying uninvited guests at a wedding and we don’t want your happiness to go sour at their arrival. So keep a double-sided tape handy for a quick fix in case your wedding dress breaks down!
  6. Make-up kit: This is another absolute 'must-have' item on your wedding day. While talking to the guests, drinking water or munching on something to keep you from starving, your make-up will need a quick redo. 
  7. Lip gloss: The one-man army of cosmetics! Drop one in your clutch or your handbag. With an instant touch up before the wedding photoshoot, all your tiredness will wash away and you will be just as ready in seconds! Pro tip: Use a clear gloss – the one that you can apply without needing a mirror.
  8. Music: Have you all heard the saying, “Music is the best medicine”? Now you have. Your wedding day can be full of surprises that can get on your nerves. So help yourself and create a playlist of your go-to numbers beforehand to keep your anxiety down and your food fresh. 
  9. Your friends: The greatest blessing ever, isn’t it? Have them near while you change into your wedding dress to avoid the last-minute jitters turn daunting. If things turn a little too intimidating, they’ve got your back. Your favorite humans will make you laugh and smile to keep the ersome wedding day jitters far away from you.
  10. Bobby pins: We all have millions of them but don’t find even one when we need them the most. So cut through the panic and keep a lot of them ready. Even though you might get your hair done by a professional, your hair might need a quick fix at any time
  11. White chalk: Yes, you heard it right. No, you’re not going to write your wedding sermons on a blackboard! White is auspicious and we don’t want any stain on your wedding dress to get all the limelight. So, just in case you drop something on your dress, we have got you covered. A little white chalk will magically vanish it!
  12. Phone charger: Of course! How could we forget the little black (or white) box? The most important thing. Don’t forget to pack your charger or an even better option will be a power bank. You won’t need an electric socket and your phone will be with you. Assurance is the best thing, isn’t it?
  13. Easy slip-on: It is your wedding day and you will be in your heels all day long! Yes, lady. You read it right. Make sure you carry an easy pair of sliders or slip on to give some rest to your feet when heels become too much.
  14. Oil-absorbent sheets: A life savior. When make-up has been on your face for an entire day, it can get oily with time. And this persists, irrespective of the amount of setting spray you use. So keep a few blotting leaves to dab on your face when it feels too tight and suffocating.
  15. A few bucks: Yes, we are talking about money now. A few bucks go a long way, right? Of course. It is not like you will have to run down to the market to grab a bite or something but you might just need some money to tip the waiter! Or even if you didn’t, extra money never weighs heavy.
  16. Nail paint: Chipped nails are the worst nightmare. And if it is your wedding day we are talking about, we do not want to take a risk. Carry the nail paint you are wearing to fix the chipped nails if any.
  17. Your smile: It is gorgeous. Your guests were swooned by your smiling photo on your unique wedding card. Perhaps, last but not least, wear your smile throughout the day. Don’t stop smiling even if your cheeks begin to ache. It is the only thing that will dull everything else if it is absent. So, say cheeeeeese! 


where some of the unforgettable on your wedding day. You can always add something according to your own needs. whether they are affordable wedding invitations or cheesy decorations, All we want for you is a happy wedding, full of happy memories. However, a small add on from us – don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated. 


Happy weddings! 

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