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Dear Customers, Friends, & Affiliates,

Please stop by to support the ultimate affair at our very first open house. If you have yet to see the boutique, this is a great opportunity to stop by. Please bring friends, family, and whoever might be interested! We will have refreshments, fun, and of course you can take a look at the shop to see what we have to offer.

Hope to see you there!!


Scarlett morris…

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prom drama!

this weekend we have a high school prom to decorate.

this is one of those events that i love doing because we work with the same staff members at the school every year, so they know how we are and how we work.

BUT, what makes it difficult is that every year the students change. the juniors move a grade up to plan the senior prom - and the sophomores become the new juniors. so the seniors know me - they know the process.

but for some reason, they always want the same prom as the… Continue

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vote for the ultimate affair,en_US;space,rank,1042700,4,US,1

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