this weekend we have a high school prom to decorate.
this is one of those events that i love doing because we work with the same staff members at the school every year, so they know how we are and how we work.
BUT, what makes it difficult is that every year the students change. the juniors move a grade up to plan the senior prom - and the sophomores become the new juniors. so the seniors know me - they know the process.
but for some reason, they always want the same prom as the year before...every year i do the black/burgundy/white theme with the same rose petals on the tables and balloon centerpieces.
You would think this would make me ecstatic because it's easy.
but honestly - they ordered the same invitation for the 3rd year in a row. haha i FORCED them to try something different this year. a beautiful new invitation that we got in stock - and they loved it. i think the seniors get a little lackadaisical and just say "oh that one is nice from last year" instead of taking the time to look for something new.
so they found their new invitation, lovely.
they kept the same balloon centerpieces, easy.
and we are all done!!.....
until ONE week before the prom and i mentioned that they didn't order favors and did they want to add anything...
"oh good idea" they decided. an engraved picture frame.
but the budget wouldn't allow for that at almost $15 a piece.
we are working with car wash money here. looking at about $2.50 a piece or so.
so we researched. i suggested something edible. they found a nice chocolate lollipop that would take over a week to arrive plus they wanted a ribbon added to it. no time.
i called some local shops, who said they could do it, but it was just just out of budget.
and plus..they were brown! which threw off my whole black/red/white theme! i mean who really likes chocolate lollipops anyway?? no offense to you chocolatiers. they are beautiful. but to eat? definitely not my favorite by a mile. i would take a truffle any day.
but with some careful sleuthing and a little bit of sweet-talking on my part, they decided they loved my idea of a vintage-style swirl lollipop from hammond's candies. red and white which i will dress up with a beautiful black bow.
arriving rush fee. 2 days to get the ribbons tied. and we will be all set for friday!
another last minute save at the ultimate affair!
these lollis will look gorgeous on the table and are actually great for weddings too! if we had known earlier we could've crafted a lollipop centerpiece!

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